SWCC Laboratory Data

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The SWCC Laboratory data dialog is where the user enters data from a SWCC test to be fit with one of the fitting equations. The user should note that Suction data in kPa and Volumetric/Gravimetric Water Content are the required types of raw data needed for SWCC calculation. To enter data, simply copy and paste points or enter data manually.


The use of laboratory data in the representation of the soil-water characteristic curve can often result in a jagged representation of the storage curve. The jagged representation can then result in interpolation errors when approximating the storage change between finite element cells. Fitting methods provide a smooth representation of the soil-water characteristic curve and therefore a better calculation of flow volumes. The differential of the soil-water characteristic curve is directly used in the seepage partial differential equation for the calculation of flow volumes.



 Click the graph button at the bottom of the dialog to display a graph.