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The Cross-Sections menu item is used to create cross-section templates, to be used in conjunction with the Road Builder menu item to create custom geometric mesh shapes. Pre-defined cross-sections and customized options are both available.




Cross-section templates are a special tool to generate geometry. They have nothing to do with display templates that control the appearance of geometry in the CAD window, and are thus considered part of the conceptual model.




Each template has a name. Click on the name to change it. Use the Add and Remove buttons to modify your collection.


Template Properties


The available properties are dependent on the type of cross-section desired.


Pre-defined Shapes:All pre-defined shapes require at least one shape property to be set to complete the cross-section definition. A diagram is displayed to explain the meaning of each shape property.


Custom:This option is used to create a new cross-section definition from existing geometry polygons and polylines. A diagram is displayed to show how the cross-section is interpreted from the inputs.


Projection Direction:This option is used to define how to obtain the inputs for a custom cross-section shape. The coordinates are taken from the two axes parallel to the chosen direction; for example, the X and Y coordinates are used if the Z projection direction is used.


Shape Properties


The available properties are dependent on the type of cross-section desired.


Width, Height, Angle:The exact behavior of these inputs is defined by the displayed diagram of the pre-defined shape. The inputs are meant to be consistent between shapes and should have reasonable behavior.


Selected Geometry:This option selects the geometry to be used to define the custom shape. Any number of objects may be selected. A preview is displayed to show how the selected geometry will be interpreted.