Mesh Settings

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The Mesh Settings menu item controls mesh generation behavior.


Maximum Triangle Area:This option defines an upper limit to the triangle size of generated mesh, in square units. A smaller number will create more triangles, so use care to avoid over-refinement which may significantly increase model run times. Leave this value blank for no upper limit on size. (Recommended: no limit)


Minimum Interior Angle:This option controls the dimensions of each mesh triangle. The default of 20 ensures that every triangle has a minimum angle of 20 degrees on each side. Larger angles may lead to unsolvable meshes. (Recommended: default of 20)


Merge Distance:This option limits excessively dense meshes, by merging node points that are closer together than the specified distance. The smallest allowable value is 0.001 (one geo-decimal), the smallest accuracy supported by SVOFFICE. Keeping this value relatively large will help prevent the creation of very small or thin triangles during meshing. (Recommended: as large as possible based on accuracy requirements)