Road Builder

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The Road Builder menu item is used to create custom surface meshes, using a cross section object as a basis.


The road builder works by generating a path from an input polyline or polygon. At each point in the path, a copy of the cross-section object is defined and joined to the previous point. Taken as a whole, this can be used to represent concepts such as an actual road, a trench, an earth dam and many more types of engineered structures.


The mesh produced by this menu item is not subject to the settings defined in the Mesh Settings dialog.


Extrusion Path:This is the path that the new mesh should follow. This path is usually a polyline, but could also be a polygon. Any number of segments can be used, as long as the angle between segments does not cause cross sections to overlap themselves.


Cross-Section:This is the template to be used at each point in the path.


Build into Surface:If enabled, the resulting road geometry will be intersected with the specified surface. Where the road intersects with the surface, the surface will be modified to include the shape of the road.