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An important component of SVSOILS is the ability to calculate basic volume-mass properties once any three volume-mass properties are known. The calculation is done by rearranging the equations describing the volume-mass properties of an unsaturated soil. Once any three volume-mass properties are known, the geotechnical engineer can “lock-in” these properties. The “lock-in” indicates that the properties are fixed (e.g., measured) and should not be changed during further calculations. The “lock-in” procedure is necessary to ensure data integrity. The Calculate button can then be selected for the calculation of the remaining volume-mass properties.


Category: The Category menu item is used to select either soil or tailings material. Soil is selected by default in the software. The user can select tailings to add and calculate additional properties related to oil sands tailings.


Export: The Export menu item is used to copy or export the volume-mass results.

Graph: The Graph menu item contains the various graphs in which the volume-mass state can be represented.


An example of the calculation of volume-mass properties is shown below. A soil is obtained and the properties are listed as follows:


Volumetric water content, θw0.35
Porosity, n38%
Specific Gravity, Gs2.63


The above properties are entered into the appropriate fields under the Volume-Mass dialog and “locked-in” by clicking on the check boxes to the right of the soil volume-mass properties. Selecting the Calculate button calculates the remaining soil properties:


Degree of Saturation:92.11%
Void Ratio:0.613
(Gravimetric) Water Content:21.46%
Dry Density:1630.6lb/ft3
Total Density:1980.6 lb/ft3
Total Unit Weight:19.42 lb/ft3


SVSOILS contains an algorithm which allows the calculation of remaining volume-mass properties based on almost any combination of three initial properties. The software will inform the user if a particular combination of volume-mass properties will not allow calculation of the remaining properties. If the calculation of volume-mass insitu properties is successful, the word, "successful" appears at the bottom of the dialog. It is then possible to search the database based on the Volume-Mass Completed field to search for all soils on which the calculation algorithm has been run.


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