Where Do I Start?

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The first step for new users is i) downloading the example model files and then ii) opening and running example models, and iii) viewing the results in ACUMESH. The following sections outline the initial steps. Please visit the Tutorial manuals to walk through specific examples.



The SVOFFICE Manager dialog is displayed when SVOFFICE is first run. The SVOFFICE Manager is used to set up, open and run models. It also provides access to sorting and organizing models into projects. By default, all projects and models are organized under the C:\Users\<username>\Documents\SVOffice 5\All Projects folder. The commands available from the SVOFFICE Manager can be found under the topic Menu System help.


Running an example model and viewing the results may be accomplished in six easy steps:


1. Download the example models. You will be prompted to do this the first time you run SVOFFICE. More information about this download may be found in the Downloading Example Models section.


2. Select the Module in LEARNING mode (i.e. SVFLUX).
3. Select the model from the Search Models list box. There are three types of models:


 DEMO:        DEMO models are pre-made models that cannot be changed by the user.

 STUDENT:   STUDENT models are simple models that can be run using the STUDENT version of the software. Limitations apply to the features available.

 FULL:          FULL models may only be run using a purchased (CLASSROOM, STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL, or MINING) authorization level in the software.


4. Open the model using the Open Selected Model option with a right-click or by double-clicking on the model name.


5. Solve the model by selecting the Solve > Analyze menu option (shown below):




NOTE: Only STUDENT or DEMO model files may be run when the software is in STUDENT mode (i.e. software has not been purchased and no USB dongle is plugged into the computer).


FEM Solving

While the solver engine is running, the solution screen will be displayed. The solution window may be closed once the run has completed. Once the solution process is done the user may visualize results by pressing the ACUMESH button.


Slope Stability Solving

The progress of the solution to slope stability models is displayed in the slope stability solution window. Progress of model solution is displayed using progress bars. Once the solution process is done the user may visualize results by pressing the ACUMESH button.




6. View the results by clicking on the ACUMESH button or by selecting the Solve > Open ACUMESH menu option (shown below)