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Earth Dam / Levee Analysis

A number of new features have been added to SVSlope in recent months to greatly extend the capabilities of the software to perform earth dam / levee analysis. These types of models contain some unique aspects to their proper analysis. Traditionally it has been difficult to perform a number of the analysis related to levee design due to the lack of features available in software packages. Close collaboration of SoilVision Systems Ltd. with a number of geotechnical consulting firms involved in levee design has led to the implementation of the following features which are directly applicable to the design of levees. The features greatly simplify the analysis and allow a consulting firm to quickly and simply improve the standard of analysis offered to clients. These advanced features make SVSlope the premier package for performing levee analysis.

Rapid Drawdown example

Success Story

Potash Tailings Slope Stability Project completed at the University of Regina

The list of features implemented in the software include the following:

  • Rapid drawdown - Duncan three-stage total stress method:
    The traditional method of levee analysis under rapid drawdown scenarios has now been implemented in SVSlope.

  • Rapid drawdown / filling - transient (SVFlux / SVSlope) effective stress method:
    A comprehensive analysis of the stability of a levee under draw-down or filling conditions is ideally analyzed using a combined seepage / slope stability analysis. The ability of the SVFlux / SVSlope software to perform a combined analysis has been dramatically enhanced and made easy. Click here to see a movie of performing a combined SVFlux / SVSlope analysis.

  • Multiple geometry scenarios:
    Small design modifications in the design of levees have significant cost implications in terms of materials used for levee design. It is therefore critically important to easily analyze many different design scenarios to determine an optimal design. Often the user wants to plot the factor of safety vs. design. This can be accomplished now with SVSlope.

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