SVOffice 2009™ – Educational Use

October 2009 - SoilVision Systems Ltd. would like to invite professors and students to use the free student versions of our geotechnical software suite. These versions are designed to be used as an educational tool. The free student versions include a number of features for solving seepage, slope stability, and stress / deformation models. Student models are available with the software, including:

SVOffice 2009

The free student versions may be downloaded here. Once the software has been installed, it automatically defaults to STUDENT mode and is ready for use. The software may be installed on an unlimited number of computers in STUDENT mode. Please visit our product pages for a detailed list of features available in our STUDENT versions:

We are also interested in further development of our library of student models. Students or professors are invited to develop and submit their own examples for inclusion in our library.


Don't miss out on the upcoming short course in Banff, Canada prior to the Tailings and Mine Waste '09 conference. Topics include the following:

  • Methodology for the interpretation of 1D cover design modeling results
  • How to deal with covers where salts are involved
  • Methods of handling crust influences on water balance modeling of field scale waste rock facilities
  • Modeling of covers in northern climates with freeze/thaw aspects
  • Coupled thermal analysis in cover design – when is it necessary?
  • What is a reasonable methodology for handling snow?
  • 3D modeling of tailings structures
  • Coupled climatic modeling of tailings in 1D, 2D, and 3D
  • How does mesh density affect my answers?
  • What is the effect of mesh density on cover design analysis?
  • In what applications is automatic mesh refinement beneficial?

  • Modeling of tailings consolidation
  • Differences between small-strain and large-strain approaches (practical applications)
  • Modeling of large-strain slurried tailings deposition
  • Performing combined consolidation / slope stability analysis
  • Impacts of consolidation on earth dam design / stability

  • Probabilistic and Deterministic Tailings dam slope stability
  • What is a reasonable methodology for applying probability?
  • Transient unsaturated slope stability (How do I model the influence of climate on slope stability?)
  • Spatial variation in slope stability analysis
  • Optimizing earth dam design scenarios through batch runs


GeoFlorida 2010
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Tailings and Mine Waste 2009
November 1-4, 2009,   Banff, Canada
November 1st, 2009,   Banff, Canada
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