Flow and Thermal Coupled Models

SoilVision Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of full coupling of the SVFlux™ and SVHeat™ finite element software packages. Significant work has gone into the full coupling as well as the climatic coupling of the software. The coupled packages now allow one-, two- and three-dimensional solutions of both conductive and convective heat flow. Features include:

The software is now ideal for solving the following applications:

A host of minor revisions also complete the picture of updates to the software. These updates include modifications to the user's documentation as well as improved handling of climatic data. Additional methods of estimating thermal material properties have also been implemented. Estimation of thermal properties by the Johansen method is now possible.

If you are interested in applying our software to your particular situation we welcome you to contact us. The free STUDENT version can be downloaded to open and view the example models. (Please note that the STUDENT version does not allow solution of coupled models.)

Highway Embankment Cooling

Hairpin Thermosyphon

Cold Pipe


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