Density-Dependent Water Flow and Contaminant Transport

SoilVision Systems Ltd. would like to announce the release of the addition of fully coupled density-dependent water flow and contaminant transport in ChemFlux™ and SVFlux™. Using the new density-dependent flow capability can improve the accuracy of the simulation of heavy salt water. This new feature has been implemented in 1D, 2D, and 3D models and is enabled to work with the Professional version of SVOffice™ 2009.

Applications of ChemFlux™ with the functionalities of modeling advection, dispersion, absorption, decay, and density-dependent flow include:

  • Contaminant transport in environmental engineering,
  • Solute transport in agriculture,
  • Ground water aquifers in hydrology,
  • Sea salt flow or intrusion,
  • CO2 storage in oil industry, etc.

Elder model concentration progression

SVFlux™ 3D Levee Evaluation Project - Success Story

3D Contour Plot of Total Head

The SVFlux™ modeling program is a great tool to evaluate difficult situations involving levee geometry, topographical features, existing construction, and proposed construction. Kleinfelder would recommend this program to other consultants who may need additional tools to understand seepage conditions which may affect project design and construction."

Rebecca Money, P.E., G.E., Kleinfelder

SoniCaliper Success Story

Working with SoilVision has been a tremendous experience. They transformed our research software into a polished, user-friendly package. Their response time for debugging and upgrading the software is impressive. I look forward to further collaboration with SoilVision in the future."

Jon Sinnreich, M. Eng., LOADTEST Inc.

SoniCaliper borehole image

Academic Model Credit Program

SoilVision Systems Ltd. is dedicated to supporting education in academic institutions and creating partnerships with academics. If you are a supervising professor of graduate students, or if you conduct research requiring numerical modeling, you may be eligible to earn credits toward future product purchases with us.

We are looking to extend our library of 2D and 3D example models that we provide to customers. If you have an original model and are willing to have it distributed, SoilVision Systems will contribute a $250 credit* for each 2D model, or a $500 credit* for each 3D model, towards a future purchase of our software.

*Maximum credit eligible to apply to an individual order placed is 60% of the total order value.


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