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Announcing Anisotropic Linear Models (ALM)

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SoilVision Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of the Anisotropic Linear Models (ALM) versions 1 & 2 into the SVSlope® 2D software package. The models allow advanced analysis of the strength of rock masses and are particularly useful in the analysis of open pits. The models have been implemented and benchmarked in the current version of the software and are available for use.

ALM is a constitutive model that describes the shear strength of an anisotropic rock mass in relation to the change of Angle of Anisotropy (AoA). The AoA is defined as the angle between the orientations of the plane of shear and the plane of weakness.

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Announcing Anisotropic Linear Models (ALM)
Followup: Lima Short Course
Groundwater Modelling for Mining
Short Course Oct. 17-18,
Vancouver, BC Canada
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I utilized the SVFlux™ package for the analysis of a one-dimensional seepage model for my thesis. I modeled a clogging drainage layer at a mine site closure. The software was easy to learn, quick to run, and results displayed comprehensive plots with all the information I needed for the analysis. I would highly recommend this software to other students completing their thesis."

Alexandra Nan
Geological Engineering
University of British Columbia
BC, Canada

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Follow Up:
Lima Short Course

Murray Fredlund of SoilVision Systems Ltd. recently held a short course in Lima, Peru. The SoilVision short course focused on Groundwater Modelling for Mining using the SVSlope® 2D/3D and SVFlux™ software. The course was well attended and was a successful part of the EduMine package of professional development mining courses offered.

Mining is a particular area in which numerical modeling can be challenging. Complex 3D geometries are often associated with the numerical modeling of tailings ponds, earth dams and other earth structures.

We are offering this short course in Vancouver this Fall (see below). Please contact us here if you are interested in a related short course in your area of the world!

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SVU and EduMine Present:
Groundwater Modelling for Mining Short Course
Oct. 17-18 Vancouver, BC Canada

The management of groundwater on mine sites has become of greater importance in recent years. Proper management is particularly important from the aspect of environmental concerns as well as its impact on slope stability and dewatering of open pits. Extending the life of existing mines is causing the need for open pits to be deeper and tailings storage facilities to be larger. This short course covers the aspects of groundwater modeling as related to problems encountered typically at mine sites and will utilize the SVFlux™ software package. A short introduction to SVSlope® 3D will be provided.

Go here if you would like to register.

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