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Success Story:
Three Dimensional Slope
Stability Analysis of a
Mine Waste Dump

Anddes Asociados S.A.C. recently dealt with a difficult project in northern Perú involving a three dimensional (3D) slope stability analysis of a waste dump. The stability analysis for this facility involved a complex mine waste rock layout and many different soil layers at the foundation, most of them affecting the waste dump stability. This problem was successfully solved by using SVSlope® 3D.

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Three Dimensional Slope Stability Analysis of a Mine Waste Dump
RMC Recruits SVSlope® for Research Program
Model of the Month
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...we overcame some issues concerning cross-sectional data entry with the help of you and your development team, and this is the final result of our work.

We hope we can keep working together."

Andrés Reyes Parra
Geotechnical Engineer
Anddes Asociados S.A.C.
Lima, Perú

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RMC Recruits SVSlope® for Research Program

We have used SVSlope® for a research program at the Royal Military College to develop simplified probabilistic slope stability design charts. The software performance has been excellent and our few questions related to it's use were answered promptly by the staff at SoilVision Systems Ltd. I would recommend this software for use in the geotechnical consulting community as it is stable, robust, and compares well to similar software based on our study results."

Dr. Richard Bathurst, Ph.D., FCAE, FEIC, P.Eng.
Professor of Civil Engineering
(RMC and Queen’s University)
GeoEngineering Centre at Queen’s-RMC
Royal Military College of Canada


Model of the Month:
RDD Pumped Storage Project Dam
Filename: Slopes_Group_3 > RDD_Pumped_Storage_Project_Dam.svm

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The Pumped Storage Project Dam has a densely compacted, silty clay core. The lower portion of the upstream slope is a zone of random materials with the equivalent of the same strength properties as the core. The upper portion of the upstream slope and all of the downstream slope is a free draining rock fill. For the rapid drawdown analysis the water level is lowered from 545 feet to 380 feet.

The Duncan 3-Stage Rapid Drawdown Analysis method is used in SVSlope® to solve this model. The implementation of the method is based on the theory presented by Duncan, Wright, and Wong (1990).

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Sept. 25 - 27, 2013, Brisbane, Austrailia

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Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 2013, Montreal, Canada

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Groundwater Modelling Short Course

Oct. 17 - 18, 2013, Vancouver, Canada

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Nov. 3 - 6, 2013, Banff, Canada

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