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Volume–Mass Calculator

SoilVision Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of a free utility which can be used to calculate volume–mass relations for solving geotechnical problems. More specifically, the software allows the calculation of volume and mass relations in a soil containing various measures of air, water, and soil solids. The physical relations have been understood for decades but the specific calculations can be difficult. Three volume–mass properties are generally needed to determine all the remaining properties. The problem comes in that the practicing geotechnical engineer may be presented with any three particular properties. Calculation of the remaining properties can therefore be complex. The Geotechnical Volume-Mass Calculator provides the geotechnical engineer with a simple and free tool to easily perform the calculations.

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FREE UTILITY JUST RELEASED! Geotechnical Volume–Mass Calculator
Short Course: 2D/3D Slope Stability and Seepage for Levee Analysis
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Short Course:
2D/3D Slope Stability and Seepage for Levee Analysis
Feb. 23 Atlanta, GA USA

Running before GeoCongress 2014

Instructors: Murray Fredlund, Scott Anderson and John Quaranta

February 23, 2014
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The design of levees over the past few years has come under increasing scrutiny due to the occurrence of high profile failures such as the levees around New Orleans. The analysis of levee systems in the United States has evolved to a specific methodology which has been determined from a mixture of science and the often litigious process. As new methodologies, science, and computer software become available it is necessary to review design procedures in light of new technologies.

This course examines the application of newer technologies and the traditional methodology of analyses of earth levees by numerical models. The focus will be on aspects of a correct numerical analysis of slopes by the limit equilibrium and finite element methodology. The focus will be on advanced concepts of slope stability analysis and their application. Applications of 3D solutions to real-world problems will be covered.

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Upcoming Events

Geo-Congress 2014

February 23 - 26, 2014, Atlanta, USA

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2D/3D Slope Stability and Seepage for Levee Analysis Short Course

Feb. 23, 2014, Atlanta, USA

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Paste 2014

June 9 - 12, 2014, Vancouver, Canada

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