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Retrospect 2013

2013 in Retrospect

Each year brings new challenges and victories in the fast-paced world of software development! It’s always a challenge each year to keep in sync with our customers. Last year we travelled to over 9 conferences and enjoyed talking with our clients about interesting technical issues encountered in practice. Our travels this past year have taken us to Asia, South America, the USA, and other interesting places! These are the issues that drive our product development as we go down the path of continuous innovation and continue to hone the engineering product. Development of the software and the integration of new features continues to be an enjoyable interest of our company and we appreciate the continued faith of our clients in our products!

It’s always interesting to look back over a previous year and realize what we have accomplished. Daily challenges that, at the time seem so difficult, transform themselves to larger victories in the annual view. As such we have assembled a summary of some of the technical victories and updates to our packages which we have passed on to our clients this past year. Features worth mentioning include:

  • 9 new versions of our SVOffice 2009™ geotechnical software release.
  • Multi-Directional Slip Analysis with SVSlope® 3D allows analyzes with the slip direction at any angle. New views have also been added in order to visualize results.
  • SVSlope now supports British Standards: BS8006-1:2010 Code of practice for strengthened/reinforced soils and other fills and BS8006-2:2011 Code of practice for strengthened/reinforced soils. Soil nail design.
  • New methods of combining searching methods were introduced to the SVSlope® 3D package
  • New SVSlope® Tutorials.
  • Several new unsaturated shear strength constitutive models were introduced to the SVSlope® software.
  • Accommodation of gas diffusion (Fick's Law) in the ChemFlux™ software. The combined SVFlux™ – ChemFlux™ models can now model the gas diffusion through earth covers.
  • Hundreds of smaller fixes and improvements.

Our firm has utilized the SVOffice™ software for over a decade and have applied it to numerous projects. The software provided us with a reliable platform for delivering our modelling projects, in particular in cold regions. The easy user interface, excellent support, 3D capabilities and technical capabilities of this package have served us well. The capabilities to couple multiple equations and to enable fully customisable equations and boundary conditions made a difference in our modelling work. I would not hesitate to recommend this software to other engineers in the industry."

Michel Noël | Principal Consultant (Tailings/Waste Management), SRK Consulting (UK) Limited

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Model of the Month

New Coal Refuse Disposal Models

SoilVision Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of new distribution models which simulate situations described in the Engineering and Design Manual for Coal Refuse Disposal Facilities which is distributed by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). The models were developed in order to facilitate the training of mining companies on the use of the SVOffice™ software in this industry. The models represent typical situations and design scenarios outlined in the design manual for the construction of earth dams for containment facilities. Both SVFlux™ and SVSlope® numerical models are distributed with example dimensions.

Both SVFlux™ seepage models as well as SVSlope® models are included in the distribution. The seepage models represent scenarios set up to determine the dissipation of pore-water pressures in typical design scenarios encountered in the field. Determination of gradients and the potential for piping failure can be determined. The SVSlope® stability models evaluate the potential for stability problems during rapid drawdown scenarios. The distributed models may be found under the new “MSHA” project located in the downloaded distribution models. Details regarding the engineering and design manual may be found here.

Earth Dam with Core and Impervious Foundation





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Short Courses

Upcoming Short Courses

  • Short Course: 2D/3D Slope Stability and Seepage for Levee Analysis
    Running in tandem with GeoCongress 2014
    Instructors: Murray Fredlund, Scott Anderson and John Quaranta
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    Feb 23, 8:00 am-5:00 pm | Contact Us for more details on how to register.

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  • Geo-Congress
    Atlanta, GA, USA
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  • Paste 2014
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
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  • COBRAMSEG 2014
    Goiania, Brazil
    Sep 09 - 13, 2014 | More Info
  • 2014 GeoRegina
    Regina, SK, Canada
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