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December 2001
1. New Software: ChemFlux
2. December Discounts!

SoilVision Systems Ltd.
Saskatoon, SK Canada
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ChemFlux offers advanced functionality when modeling contaminant transport in 2D and 3D. Contaminant transport finite element analysis has become common over the past few years. 2D and 3D software packages have been developed which solve advection, dispersion, and adsorption models. These software packages, however, are often time consuming due to the necessity of manually creating a finite element mesh. If convergence problems exist, refining the mesh requires additional time.

To see animation click here! [450kB]

ChemFlux is designed as the next generation of modeling software. Mesh generation and refinement is fully automatic which may reduce modeling time by up to 80%. Certain convergence difficulties present in other software packages may also be reduced. The focus of the soil professional is therefore on the conceptual model rather than on the details of the finite element process.

ChemFlux is also designed to handle water and contaminant flow through the unsaturated (vadose) zone. The advanced formulation makes it perfect for the modeling of complex problems.

Feature Summary:

  • 2D and 3D solutions
  • Fully automatic mesh generation and refinement
  • Modeling of dispersion, advection, adsorption, and decay processes
  • Modeling of contaminant flow through unsaturated zone

Beta Version:

SoilVision Systems Ltd. will be releasing a beta version of ChemFlux shortly. The beta version will be released to a short list of companies interested in beta-testing the software. Beta users will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced price
  • Unlimited free technical support
  • Free upgrade to the full version of ChemFlux when it is released

If you are interested in beta-testing ChemFlux, please leave us your contact information in the ChemFlux home page.


SoilVision Systems Ltd. is offering 10% discounts on the following products for the month of December.

SoilVision Lite - Database software for the management of grain-size and hydrometer information.
SoilVision - Database software for the management of soil test data and the estimation of unsaturated soil properties.
SoilVision Professional - Database software including a database of soil-water characteristic curves on over 6000 soils.
SoilVision Enterprise - Multi-user soil laboratory warehouse.
SVFlux - 2D / 3D automated seepage modeling software.


"I think everyone in the geotechnical field should have this valuable software. The software quality plotting capability is unmatched. You will need to spend several thousands of dollars on different software to produce what SoilVision can do. I use the software to estimate soil properties by running limited testing and then probe the SoilVision database for similar soils. From just conducting a grain size, I can estimate permeability of the soil, cohesion, angle of internal friction, etc. The sky is the limit with this software."

— Haytham Nabilsi
California Registered Geotechnical Engineer
SID Geotechnical


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