December 2004

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  • SVFlux Lite
  • New Versions!
    SVFlux 5.0
    ChemFlux 4.0
    SVSolid 4.0
    SVHeat 4.0
  • Animated Tutorials
  • Problem Gallery
  • New Manual Design!
  • Software Discounts!
  • Free Student Versions
  • More Discounts!!
  • New Problems
SVFlux Lite

We are proud to introduce the introduction of SVFlux Lite. It is a highly capable program that is designed to be an economical option for users. 2D packages start at $1516 for educational licenses, and $1895 for commercial licenses.

New Versions!

We are proud to announce the release of new versions of SVFlux, ChemFlux, SVSolid, and SVHeat.

SVFlux version 5.0 is now available for purchase. Software upgrades are available for current users. Click here to find out what's new.

ChemFlux version 4.0 has been released and is available for purchase or upgrade. Click here to find out what's new.

SVSolid version 4.0 is available for purchase or upgrade. To find out what's new in SVSolid 4.0 click here.

SVHeat version 4.0 is available for both upgrade and purchase. New features in SVHeat 4.0 can be accessed here.

Animated Tutorials

Interested in learning how to access key features of our software? Our new animated tutorials can help guide you from problem creation to solution modification. Get modeling quicker! For access to these short animated clips click here.

Problem Gallery

Our gallery of example problems for the SoilVision family of products is growing! Visit the gallery online here to see what kind of problems we have solved.

Examples are categorized by program and problem category for easier navigation.

New Manual Design!

Accompanying the new Versions of SVFlux, ChemFlux, SVSolid, and SVHeat are new Manuals for all SoilVision products. The new design includes new formatting, improved screenshots, and comprehensive instructions regarding new features. These manuals are available for download at the student or full download site.

Software Review

Read an independent review of our software by the Journal of Ground Water here! (PDF 75KB)

Reprinted from Ground Water with permission of the National Ground Water Association Press. Copyright 2004.

Free Student Versions

Due to our committment to education, free student versions of all our software packages are available. Allow your students to solve problems in a fraction of the time. Available to students and consultants.

SVFlux ChemFlux
SVSolid SVHeat
Software Discounts!

Interested in saving money on your software purchase? In the spirit of the holiday season, we are offering a limited-time software discount! A 10% discount on all SoilVision Office purchases will be applied to your order during the month of December.

More Discounts!!

Really interested in saving even more on your software purchases? Check out our new customer referral program here for eligibility to receive your software package for free!

New Problems

The most recent release of our products features a number of additional demonstration problems included in the problems database. The demonstration problems exhibit how easy it is to operate our software, as well as give users a glimpse at the capability of the application being used. Below is an example of the loading of a silo.