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1D Software Applications

1D analysis has recently been added to our ChemFlux, SVHeat, and SVAirFlow software packages. This new feature compliments the 1D analysis which has been supported for quite some time by the SVFlux software package.

1D analyses offer significant time saving features. Users only have to enter one dimension of geometry to set up a model, and analyzing a 1D model has reduced model run-times.

A new interface dialog also allows the user to build the 1D geometry quickly as a series of layers. Click here to read more about our products.

Get SVOffice 2006 student versions for free!

SVOffice 2006 is officially released and available for purchase!

Download SVOffice 2006

Want to get SVOffice 2006? Our student versions are free and available to universities and consultants alike. The STUDENT version is highly capable of solving a wide range of problems. Feel the power of SVOffice 2006!

Want to know more about SVOffice 2006? Read about the Top 10 Reasons to Choose SVOffice 2006.

SVOffice 2006 includes six numerical modeling applications- SVFlux, ChemFlux, SVHeat, SVAirFlow, SVSolid, and SVDynamic - available individually or as a bundle.

How does automatic mesh refinement benefit the calculation of pore-water pressures in a reservoir draw-down scenario? The following example identifies errors which may occur using a fixed mesh approach.

One particularly interesting class of seepage modeling problems is the calculation of pore-water pressures in earth dams next to reservoirs.  The function of the earth dam is primarily to dissipate the energy of the head created by the reservoir water level.  However, a number of additional design and operational issues may be examined with a seepage model. These design issues include:

1. Calculations of head loss.
2. Calculation of maximum exit gradient.
3. Pore-water pressure build up due to rapid draw-down.

In this article we wish to concentrate on the third application: pore-water pressure build-up due to rapid draw-down. In this scenario a numerical model is set up to evaluate the initial pore-water pressures of an earth dam experiencing rapid draw-down of the reservoir. Excessive pore-water pressures in the earth dam in this scenario can lead to upstream slope failures.

It is commendable that the practicing geotechnical consultant has become aware of the need to apply numerical models to this type of problem. The correct calculation of pore-ware pressures in this particular application can lead to significant numerical challenges as shown in the following example.

In this case let’s take the example of a typical earth dam.

...continue this article

Merry Christmas from SVS

SoilVision Systems would like to wish all of our valued customers and clients a safe and happy holiday season.

No matter where you are this year, SoilVision Systems would like to extend the warmest wishes from our family to yours.

GeoCongress 2008

We will be exhibiting and attending GeoCongress 2008. The conference will be held from March 9-12 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Please feel free to visit us at this very popular ASCE conference.

For more information on GeoCongress 2008, visit the conference website. To find out more about the conferences SoilVision Systems will be taking part in, click here.