February 2004

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New Solver Version

Version 4.0 of the finite element solver has been released. A new feature includes a re-written mesh generator, which significantly enhances the meshing capabilities for 3D problems.

If you have purchased finite element products after November 1st, 2003, you are eligible for a free upgrade. Please contact us here if you are interested.

SVHeat New Version

Version 3.0 of the SVHeat software implements significant new features. Most notably, thermosythons may be added to problems and tables of climatic data may be cut and pasted in as boundary conditions.

With advanced mesh generation and optimization, SVHeat remains the premier package worldwide for 2D and 3D geothermal analysis. New examples of 3D problems solved with SVHeat may be seen here. Click here to go to the home page of SVHeat.

Free Student Versions

Due to our committment to education, free student versions of all our software packages are now available. Allow your students to solve problems in a fraction of the time. Available to students and consultants.

SVFlux ChemFlux
SVSolid SVHeat
SVFlux New Version

SoilVision Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of SVFlux version 4.0. Statistical Monte Carlo analysis has been added to SVFlux, which allows detailed sensitivity analysis on input parameters. For example, it is impossible to determine saturated hydraulic conductivity exactly. Simple disturbance or laboratory error can lead to lognormally disturbed results.

This lognormal distribution can now be accounted for when running SVFlux. Input a lognormal distribution of saturated hydraulic conductivity and plot the effect on flow rates and/or head. Parametric analysis allows your consulting firm to assess the confidence of the current model and provide your client with statistically significant indications of model performance.

For more information regarding the new features of SVFlux 4.0, click here. Other features added include a run log and improved implementing of the governing partial differential equation resulting in improved mass balance.

SVSolid 15% Discount

For the months of March and April all non-academic purchases of our SVSolid - Stress Deformation Modeling software qualify for a 15% discount. Don't wait to take advantage of this great opportunity!

SVFlux Problems
New problems continue to be added to the SVFlux verification manual reflecting our continual commitment to quality and a robust product.
3D Pinching

One of the key features of our software is the ability to pinch out layers to zero thickness in 3D problems. The abilities of finite element and finite difference software packages have long been hampered by forcing users to extend thin layers to the edge of their problems.

These thin layers waste computer-processing time and are difficult for users to handle. Our finite element products are some of the first worldwide to implement true pinching of 3D surfaces. The end result is a significant reduction in the time to create complex 3D problems.


"We can attest to the value of these products in a consulting environment. We have used these software products to provide solutions we otherwise would not be able to deliver."

Dave Kent, P.Eng.
Chief Engineer
Clifton Associates