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May 2003
1. Seepage Model of the Month
2. SVFlux 3.0!
3. AcuMesh Release!
4. SVDynamic Beta
5. SoilVision Update
6. Details published regarding the SVFlux, ChemFlux, and SVHeat modeling packages

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SVSolid Example Problems
Visit our gallery of typical example problems which SVSolid is capable of solving.

SVFlux Example Problems
Visit our 2D gallery and 3D gallery of typical example problems which SVFlux is capable of solving.

Package Details
Details of our various software packages may be seen at the end of the newsletter here.

May Special
Purchase SVFlux at full price and receive ChemFlux for an additional $495! Order here.
Seepage Model of the Month  

The SVFlux problem of the month illustrates the ability of SVFlux to solve problems with extremely fine detail. The problem involves a 2D cross-section of an earth dam. The dam contains 17 different soil zones. The maximum difference in hydraulic conduction between adjacent soil regions is 4 orders of magnitude. The problem contains 3800 nodes and was solved in 1 minute and 13 seconds on a 1.0 GHz computer. Problem entry was accomplished through a digitizing tablet in which the problem in which the problem was entered into AutoCAD. The problem was then imported into SVFlux through the AutoCAD import wizard.


SVFlux 3.0!

SVFlux version 3.0 represents a significant enhancementof the popular SVFlux software. More than 50 features have been added to the software. A new method of 3D model description has been added to ensure the ability to quickly and efficiently efficiently describe complex 3D problems. An overview of the program enhancements may be found here. Contact us today for a free online demonstration of the capabilities of the software package.

Guarantee: If SVFlux does not save you significant time on your consulting project, you can return it in the first 30 days of use.


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AcuMesh Release!  

AcuMesh is a new graphics module provided by SoilVision Systems Ltd. to provide high quality professional visualization to our line of finite element products. The software allows the user to generate high-quality vector or bitmap outputs of:

  • Contours
  • Vectors
  • Mesh
  • Regions
  • Crosses (principle stresses)

AcuMesh is a graphical finite element viewing program and will work with the output of any of the SoilVision Systems products.

Interested in a demo? Click here to request a demonstration version today.



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SVDynamic Beta

A beta version of our slope stability software will soon be available. SVDynamic offers next generation slope stability analysis based on finite element analysis performed by the SVSolid 2D software. A select group of users will be selected to beta-test the software. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a beta-tester. Preference will be given to users which will apply the software to real-world problems. Apply to become a beta-tester here.


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SoilVision Update

Soilvision version 3.15 has been released. The new version contains minor error updates and new features. If you are a registered user of SoilVision, please contact us for instructions on how to obtain the new version.

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Details published regarding the SVFlux, ChemFlux, and SVHeat software packages

A detailed description of features has been published for the SVFlux, ChemFlux, SVHeat and SVSolid software packages. The detailed feature list provides details on why our modeling packages allow streamlined solution of complicated problems.

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