May 2004

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  • New Pricing!
  • AcuMesh New Version
  • New Web Site Design
  • Short Course Training
  • Problem Gallery
  • New Versions
  • ChemFlux Discount
  • SVFlux Evaporative Boundary Conditions!
  • New Package Style!
New Pricing!

Explore our new pricing options for educational or commercial needs here. New bundled pricing options have been introduced.

Purchase our Office packages to make a comprehensive range of 2D or 3D software available to your organization. Lease our software for your next project and save your time!

AcuMesh new Version

We are pleased to announce the release of our new 3D finite element visualization software.

AcuMesh is designed to work with all of our finite element software packages and provide state-of-the-art visualization capabilities. Contour plots, iso-surfaces and slices may be created in 3D.

AcuMesh uses the industry standard OpenGL graphics engine to produce eye-popping visualization of program output. Transient problems may be animated and the results exported to AVI files. Click here to go to the home page of AcuMesh.

New Package Style!

Here is a peek at the new SoilVision software package styling. New graphics and a great laminate wrapping enclose the new box. You are sure to enjoy the sleek redesigned manuals too! Click here to check our software pricing today!

SVFlux Conditions!

A new version of SVFlux will be released shortly which will include the ability to incorporate Pennman or Thornwaite boundary conditions. These modified boundary conditions allow for the calculation of evaporative fluxes in two or three dimensions.

These additions make SVFlux an excellent package for the evaluation of soil covers or other scenarios where evaporative fluxes are significant.

The database interface allows tables of temperature, precipitation, or other related data to be cut and pasted into the software with no requirements on matching time intervals.

Parameters such as temperature may be implemented as constants, complex equations, or tables of data. This design allows evaporative boundary conditions to be scaled into model design such that solution times are optimized.

Contact us here to pre-order your new version at a discounted price.

ChemFlux Discount

A commercial discount of 10% is offered on the ChemFlux software for the month of May and June. Pick up your copy today!

New Versions

Updated software versions have been posted to our full-version download site. Please email us for the new passwords to access the latest version of our software. The new versions available are shown below.

SVFlux 4.10
ChemFlux 3.02
SVSolid 3.03
SVHeat 3.09
SoilVision 3.34
AcuMesh 3.00.23
(replaces Visio Plot)
New Web Site Design

In our continued interest of providing top-quality service to our clients we have re-designed our web page.

The new web page design offers standardized access to information as well as easier access to software demos. A revised gallery of example problems has also been created. Visit us today and review our new online presence!

Short Course Training
Interested in reducing your modeling frustrations and increasing capabilities?

Come to one of our upcoming short courses and learn applications of automatic mesh refinement as well as advanced concepts in the application of unsaturated soil mechanics.

Interested in quick training on our packages? Sign up here for one-on-one training on any of our software packages.
New Problem Gallery

Interested in knowing what type of problems we can solve?

Visit our new problem gallery to see examples of problems solved with our software.

Examples are grouped into general categories to allow quick perusal. The example on the right is an infiltration problem that can be found in the SVFlux 2D gallery. Click here to visit the problem gallery.

Do you have a problem you wonder if we can solve?

Send your problem specifications to us for a free consultation.