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November 2001
1. New Software: SVFlux 2.2
2. New Software: SoilVision 3.05

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Jason Stianson, B.Sc.
Programmer / Engineer
SoilVision Systems Ltd.
SoilVision Systems Ltd. Would like to introduce SVFlux version 2.22. With ground-breaking features such as automatic mesh generation and refinement, 3D analysis and a soil database of over 6000 soils, SVFlux has been setting a new standard for groundwater modeling. Version 2.0 offers the following improvements:
  • Visualization of 3D input surfaces.
  • Re-design of the project / problem specification screen.
  • Plotting of volumetric water content has been added.
  • Re-sizing of the drawing area has been implemented.

Reduce your groundwater modeling time by 70%! Let SVFlux change the way you perform groundwater modeling with the following features:

Automatic Mesh Generation and Refinement

Most seepage modeling software requires hours of meticulous manual or semi-automatic mesh creation work. The model created with such software is then run only to experience convergence problems with no indication of where the mesh may need to be refined. With SVFlux, an initial mesh is automatically generated, the problem is solved, and the mesh is automatically refined around critical zones. This gives the user an exact picture of where the critical zones of the problem are. Re-gridding will then continue until a specified error is met or the maximum number of re-grids is reached. This automated process allows the soil professional to focus on the conceptual model rather than meticulous mesh creation.

CAD User Interface

The user interface of SVFlux is designed as a simplified version of AutoCAD. Draw your model graphically as a combination of regions with varying soil properties. Simplicity allows for model creation in minutes rather than hours.

Soil Property Database of Over 6000 Soils

Combine SVFlux with SoilVision and gain access to a laboratory database of over 6000 soils. Laboratory data is available for over 6000 soil-water characteristic curves, over 2500 saturated hydraulic conductivities, or over 650 unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curves.

Twenty theoretical methods of estimating saturated and unsaturated soil properties

SoiVision represents the most comprehensive software solution for the estimation of the soil-water characteristic curve and permeability soil properties used in seepage modeling. Our implemented estimation methods have become the accepted standard at universities worldwide. Journal-published methods by van Genuchten, Fredlund, Rahardjo, Vereecken, and Taylor are included.

Build a Modeling Database!

SVFlux represents a departure from typical, flat-file based, seepage modeling software. SVFlux is based on a standardized database structure. This allows the end-user the following advantages: - models may be stored on a central server and accessed by multiple-users simultaneously. - geometry, boundary conditions, and soil properties are stored in the database and are always available for import into future models. - all seepage models created by your company are recorded in the database and become part of your corporate knowledge-base.

Comprehensive User's Manual

We at SoilVision Systems Ltd. are dedicated to making your software experience enjoyable and trouble-free. As such, the SVFlux user's manual contains over 170 pages of professional-quality description, examples, and tutorials to guide you through the use of our software.


Murray Fredlund, Ph.D.
SoilVision Systems Ltd.

SoilVision Systems Ltd. has released version 3.05 of the popular SoilVision software. This upgrade is free for all users of version 3.x. Included are over 50 features and bug fixes. Download your new version today!

Hydrometer Data Reduction Added!

Reduction of laboratory hydrometer data has been added to SoilVision and SoilVision Lite. Laboratory hydrometer data may now be entered directly into SoilVision or SoilVision Lite. Raw laboratory data is analyzed and converted to particle-size versus percent passing according to ASTM D422 standards.

New Reports Added!

We have continued development of our SoilVision software with the addition of the following reports to SoilVision. Over 50 professional-quality reports are now included in the SoilVision software.

"I think everyone in the geotechnical field should have this valuable software. The software quality plotting capability is unmatched. You will need to spend several thousands of dollars on different software to produce what SoilVision can do. I use the software to estimate soil properties by running limited testing and then probe the SoilVision database for similar soils. From just conducting a grain size, I can estimate permeability of the soil, cohesion, angle of internal friction, etc. The sky is the limit with this software."

— Haytham Nabilsi
California Registered Geotechnical Engineer
SID Geotechnical


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