SVSlope® Beta Now Available!

We would like to invite you to download the first beta release of SVOffice 2009. This beta includes the highly anticipated SVSlope® slope stability software. The SVSlope software allows users to analyze slopes using traditional method of slices analytical techniques or using newer stress-based analysis methods. Over 100 example models are included with the package to give the user an idea of the capabilities of SVSlope. Click here to see the reasons why firms are moving towards this new software.

The SVOffice 2009 package installs by default into STUDENT mode in which additional features have been enabled over the previous version. Please contact us if you would like to team up with us in using the software on upcoming projects.

SVSlope is software for performing deterministic and probabilistic analysis of the stability of soil or rock slopes. The factor of safety, probability of unsatisfactory performance, or reliability index can be calculated. The software interface is simple to use but allows the analysis of complex geometries coupled with groundwater seepage. Comprehensive support for reinforced slopes and external loadings is also present.


One of the highly anticipated new features of SVSlope is the ability to create random fields of spatially varying input properties.

This allows the user to analyze a slope in light of the more realistic spatial variation of soil properties which occurs in the field. The example below illustrates using spatial variation on an example model in order to obtain a more sophisticated analysis.


I'm excited to see the release of this new and innovative product. I look forward to and encourage the application of this software on additional geotechnical projects."

Prof. Ward Wilson, Ph.D., P.Eng
Mining Chair
University of British Columbia

This new software includes a number of state-of-the-art options for probabilistic slope stability analysis. This feature, combined with comprehensive deterministic analyses, will provide new opportunities to build confidence in the results of a site specific analysis."

Prof. Dirk van Zyl, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor of Mine Life Cycle Systems
University of British Columbia

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