SoilVision Systems October 2007 eNewsletter
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Get SVOffice 2006 student versions for free!

SVOffice 2006 is officially released and available for purchase!

Download SVOffice 2006

Want to get SVOffice 2006? Our student versions are free and available to universities and consultants alike. The STUDENT version is highly capable of solving a wide range of problems. Feel the power of SVOffice 2006!

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Latest Features
SVOffice 2006 is constantly being updated. Some of our latest features are as follows:

  • Enhanced drawing of 1D models
  • Soils legend: soil properties displayed directly on screen
  • New example models available
      ·   Heap leach drain-down
      ·   Cover analysis
      ·   3D Dam analysis
      ·   Heated foundations

    Download and install SVOffice 2006 to gain access to the new features.
    Pricing Change
    Please note that a new pricing scheme has been implemented for our entire line of software products. Contact us for a quotation and a discount on the new pricing during October 2007.

    SoilVision Systems is currently offering employment opportunities within our growing company. Click here for career opportunities at SoilVision Systems Ltd.

    Our 10th Anniversary
    In early 2007 SoilVision Systems celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Our tenth year has been both highly enjoyable and successful. From SoilVision’s early beginnings with our original database software to our first finite-element software to our new location to the recent release of SVOffice 2006, we have certainly come a long way.

    To read more about the history of SoilVision Systems, click here.
    The ability to dynamically alter the mesh during the solution of a numerical model has been a significant feature of all SoilVision finite element-based software since their release in the year 2000. We remain the only geotechnical software company worldwide to offer this advanced feature.

    Automatic Mesh Refinement FAQ's

    AMR Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is AMR important?

    “Insufficient spatial resolution is commonly recognized to be the primary source of errors in numerical solutions of partial differential equations (PDEs) for water flow and solute transport in the vadose zone.” (Yeh, 2000)

    Proper mesh assignment is critical to valid numerical solutions. But what is our traditional methodology?

    Typically the user:
    i) creates outlining geometry and then ii) picks a preliminary grid that seems to suit model geometry.

    Most fixed-grid software companies will argue that when a pre-generated, fixed grid is well-chosen for a given problem a conventional numerical solution will provide valid results.

    This approach is inherently flawed as noted by Tannehill, et al. 1997.

    “One difficulty in solving a PDE with this approach (i.e., using a pre-generated, fixed grid) is that the grid is constructed and points are distributed in the physical domain before details of the solution are actually known. As a consequence, the grid may not be the best one for the particular problem.” (Tannehill, et al. 1997)

    Other comments from literature note the following:

    “Scientific and engineering computation has become so complex that traditional numerical computation on uniform meshes is generally not possible or too expensive” (Bern et al., 1999)

    “Although faster computers have emerged in recent years, faster computers tend to be used to solve even more difficult problems.” (Finlayson, 1992)

    “Therefore, developing efficient numerical methods that accurately solve a problem with a minimum of computer time continues to provide a worthy challenge. This is particularly important for three-dimensional simulations of large geographical areas of the vadose zone and associated groundwater zone.” (Mansell, 2002)


    GeoOttawa in October
    The 60th annual Canadian Geotechnical Conference is being held in Ottawa from October 21-24 this year. SoilVision Systems will be showcasing our new software products as part of the conference

    Come visit us in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Read more about the conferences SoilVision Systems, Ltd. will be attending.