Public Release of SVOffice 2006 Geotechnical Engineering Software Suite

Long awaited release of software marks new levels of 3D analysis for geotechnical consulting firms

SASKATOON, May 23, 2007 - Finite element numerical modeling in the practice of geotechnical engineering was officially raised to a new standard with the public release of the SVOffice 2006 software package. The software release is the result of over three years of software development and comes on the 10 year anniversary of SoilVision Systems Ltd. The software has been re-designed to simplify model creation and creates a 3D environment in which software models are visualized while they are created. A host of new features enhance the existing convergence, stability, automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement that defined the SoilVision software in the past.

It has been 10 years since the formation of SoilVision Systems Ltd. around the knowledge-based unsaturated soils database package. The original database package put SoilVision Systems Ltd. “on the map” as it greatly simplified the application of unsaturated soil technologies for routine geotechnical engineering practice.

The company has continued it’s tradition as an innovative, research-oriented company with the release of the new SVOffice package. The package has been developed based on the .NET Microsoft development platform that allows the implementation of new web-based technologies. The management of modeling information has been re-designed to enhance the speed and simplicity of the software. Management of highly complex 3D surface grids for advanced regional groundwater models is now possible.

The finite element packages developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd. have garnered market attention as “high level” software packages that are able to solve models not capable of being solved with most traditional numerical modeling software packages. Many geotechnical consulting firms have come to trust the advanced features of the software to deliver complex 3D solutions to the engineering market.

The sophistication of the SVOffice software product have reached a new level of maturity with the release of SVOffice 2006 and the accompanying new features. A new and redesigned user interface is implemented as well as a fully visual 3D model development environment. The entire product suite has been integrated into a single application while data management has been improved to simplify and speed the model development process. Integrated and on-line help systems have also been implemented to ease usage for new users.

SoilVision® is a registered trademark of SoilVision Systems Ltd.

About SoilVision Systems Ltd.

SoilVision Systems Ltd. was formed in 1997 by Murray Fredlund, PhD, PEng to provide high level, software tools to meet the needs of geo-professionals attempting to model the behavior of complex saturated and unsaturated soil systems.