Public Beta Release of SVOFFICE™5: SVHEAT™GE - Freeze/Thaw Thermal Modeling Software

This new beta software release introduces new features, an improved 3D CAD graphics subsystem and user interface that significantly speeds up workflow and makes it even easier to use.

SASKATOON, October 15, 2015

The beta release of SVHEAT™GE is the second beta release of a package from the new SVOFFICE™5/GE suite of geotechnical and geoenvironmental software products. The new SVHEAT™GE software implements the improvements of a new high-performance graphics subsystem which ultimately makes editing 3D numerical models even easier. Combine that with extended plotting features such as plotting the freezing depth as a function of time and you have the world's premier package for modeling of freeze/thaw thermal processes. The SVHEAT™GE software still supports the features which made it popular such as i) an easy-to-use user interface, ii) automatic mesh generation and refinement, iii) stable freeze/thaw transition performance, iv) 1D/2D/3D analysis, v) N-factor of energy-based methods of handling the climatic interface including snow, and rigorous coupling with flow and air-flow packages, vi) plot frozen/thawed depth versus time of temperature profiles, vii) implemented the imperial parameters to determined performance of thermosyphon, and viii) initial conditions of 2D/3D can be imported from an 1D Dat file. In addition to these already strong offerings the following improvements are noted:

Plotting of Frozen Depth

Variation of N-factor Boundary Conditions with Time

NEW High-Performance Graphics Engine: The new 3D CAD graphics engine provides measurably faster overall operation, with the biggest performance increases in the areas of...

  • creation and manipulation of larger more complex models
  • quicker rotation and translation of objects
  • high quality / print-ready client visuals
  • improved CAD editing controls and responsiveness.

Improved Graphing Visuals: High quality, exportable XY graphs.

NEW SVDESIGNER™ Conceptual Modeling Software Package: This brand new software program is tightly integrated within SVOFFICE™5/GE and allows for the representation and manipulation of complex 3D geometry and takes 3D modeling to a whole new level.

NEW SVSOILS™ Software Package (formerly SOILVISION®): This program has been completely re-designed from the ground up. It is now fully integrated with the SVOFFICE™5 product suite. This upgraded software allows simpler estimations of unsaturated hydraulic properties for groundwater seepage modeling. Also implemented is the ability to manage constitutive behaviours of complex oil-sand tailing materials.

Re-organized Menu: the menu system within the software has been updated and re-organized in a clearer format to streamline workflow. Primary functions are organized in a left to right format along the menu.

New SVOFFICE™5/GE Manager: the project manager dialog has been redesigned to greatly simplify its usage. Models can easily be grouped by project and stored anywhere on the users disk drive.

The premier thermal freeze/thaw package on the market has continued to evolve and strengthen based on close interaction with our customers. We would welcome you to review our work with the beta version. Applications to beta-test the software may be found here!

SOILVISION® and SVSLOPE® are registered trademarks of SoilVision Systems Ltd.
SVOFFICE™5, SVHEAT™ SVDESIGNER™ and SVSOILS™ are trademarks of SoilVision Systems Ltd.