SoilVision Systems Ltd. Announces SVSOLID™GT and SVFLUX™GT and SVCORE™ as key components of the New SVOFFICE™5/GT Geotechnical Software Suite

SASKATOON, SK, Canada - September 27, 2016

SoilVision Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce the SVOFFICE™5/GT geotechnical software suite. The release of the GT suite will represent a significant leap forward in the 3D numerical modeling of geotechnical structures and provides consultants with a software system which will take 3D modeling to a new level. The GT suite harnesses the power, flexibility and efficiency of an entirely new solver, the SVCORE™ Finite Element Engine specifically designed for the comprehensive solution of stress-deformation problems. SVCORE™ has been integrated with the SVSOLID™GT / SVFLUX™GT modules and provides comprehensive support for the solution of flow and stress / deformation problems as well as coupled small-strain and large-strain consolidation problems. In addition, SVSOLID™GT benefits from support for multiple anchor types and their impact on the stress analysis can be considered. SVCORE™ is the result of over 20 years of development effort and significantly strengthens the capability of the SVSOLID™GT module. The new SVOFFICE™5/GT software suite is the result of deep discussions with many consulting firms around the world and contains significant improvements related to geotechnical engineering practices.

The new GT suite represents a major improvement in the operation of the SVOFFICE™ software and the following list identifies the specific improvements that come with the SVOFFICE™5/GT package.

  • New SVCORE™ Finite Element Engine: this new finite-element solver has been integrated with the SVSOLID™ stress / deformation module and the SVFLUX™ groundwater seepage module with the release of SVOFFICE™5/GT. The new solver is uniquely suited to the solution of stress models and particularly for geotechnical construction / excavation sequencing and the modeling of consolidation. SVCORE™ is the one and only dedicated solver available for the SVSOLID™ module. Users of the SVFLUX™ module now have a choice of moving to SVCORE™ or continuing to use the existing FlexPDE™ solver.
  • SVSOLID™ users benefit from:
    • Stable 2D/3D model solutions: SVCORE™ has been developed by geotechnical engineers and designed for the solution of large stress / deformation problems. The solver brings the advantage of increased solution stability. Stable solutions of large 3D problems involving millions of nodes have been documented.
    • Elasto-plastic strength models: Several elasto-plastic constitutive models such as Cam-Clay and Modified Cam-Clay are available with SVCORE™.
    • Consolidation: SVCORE™ solves small-strain consolidation, as well as large-strain consolidation utilizing a moving mesh
    • Large strains and deformations: Calculation of deformations exceeding 10% is achieved by SVCORE with its moving mesh, in both consolidation and uncoupled deformation analysis.
    • Anchors: Multiple types of anchors are implemented and their impact on the stress analysis can be considered.
    • Shear Strength Reduction (SSR) slope stability modeling in 2D/3D: Stable solutions of finite element slope stability models are available. SVSOLID™ continues to complement the 3D SVSLOPE® limit equilibrium module nicely and provides the most advanced package in the world for the solution of large 2D/3D slope stability models.
    • Triangulated surface support: the SVCORE™ solver offers advantages in the complexity of geometry that can be represented in a 3D problem. 3D problems can be represented by layered triangulated surfaces, which allow models of much greater complexity in the 3D world. The package therefore represents an improved integration with the SVDESIGNER™ conceptual model builder.
    • 3D meshing improvements: A new tetrahedral meshing algorithm has been implemented to support additional complexity of meshing with triangulated surfaces involving complex pinch-outs.
    • Implementation of 2D quadrilateral meshing: users can now elect to design with either triangular or quadrilateral meshes.
  • 3D geometry conceptual modeling system (SVDESIGNER™): A significant difficulty in 3D numerical modeling is the building of an effective conceptual model - often importing surfaces from AutoCAD™ or from standard mining packages in the form of wireframes or triangulated surfaces. The representation of geotechnical designs in a 3D environment and integrating the designs with existing topology can also prove difficult. SVDESIGNER™ allows engineers to develop a conceptual design in 3D and track volumes. Surfaces consisting of hundreds of thousands of triangles can be imported and manipulated. Advanced intersection algorithms handle relationships between surfaces in a precise manner. The resulting 3D geometry can be exported to any of the numerical modeling packages for solution of a finite element model.
  • Staged construction / excavation model sequencing: The new SVCORE™ solver allows the creation of complex construction and excavation model sequencing especially suited for the creation of stress / deformation or seepage numerical models. The staging system also allows for sequenced solving of steady-state and transient-state models or various gravity and loading scenarios.

Beta versions of these new products are expected shortly. If your firm is interested in helping us beta test the new software please complete this application form. After beta testing is completed the package will be released as commercially available software supported by SoilVision Systems Ltd.

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