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1. Student Versions Released!
2. SVDynamic Released
3. ChemFlux 2.0 Released
4. SVFlux 3.0 Released
5. SVSolid 2.0 Released
6. SVHeat 2.0 Released

7. AcuMesh 2.0 Released
8. Short Course (Vail, CO)
9. Model of the Month
10. October Specials
11. Advantages

12. SoilVision Office
13. SVFlux Verification
14. Conference Booth

In our continuing commitment to education, we have released student versions of all of our finite element products. A wide range of educational problems may be solved with the software. The student versions are available to students, consultants and government organizations.
SVFlux ChemFlux
SVSolid SVHeat

The new version of SVFlux is designed to be the most advanced finite element groundwater modeling tool in the world. SVFlux provides automatic pinching out of multiple soil layers to allow quick design of advanced models. View the differences that set our software apart here. View 3D examples of SVFlux here.

Purchase SVFlux and ChemFlux together and own the fastest groundwater modeling suite currently available. Place your order here.
SVFlux &
SVFlux &
SVFlux &
SVSolid 2D Lite & SVDynamic $1595

SVFlux has now been verified against an exhaustive library of published problems. The verification manual may be downloaded along with the student version. SVFlux customers may download the new Verification Manual from the download site.


Version 2.0 of the popular ChemFlux software has been released. The software has been updated to work with SVFlux 3.0 and offers a host of improvements in overall usability. Allowed complexity of 3D models has been dramatically improved. Click here for more details or contact us here to order your copy. More example problems may also be viewed.

SVDynamic 1.0 represents a new paradigm in slope stability analysis. The method is based on a finite element stress analysis (SVSolid) and uses a dynamic programming algorithm to determine the most likely location of the slip surface as well as the factor of safety. The benefit of this new method has been extensively shown in research at institutions in Canada, Israel, and Japan.

What are the advantages of our software products? Find out by clicking on the links below:
SVFlux 2D
SVFlux 3D
ChemFlux 2D
ChemFlux 3D
SVSolid 2D
SVSolid 3D
SVHeat 2D
SVHeat 3D


A suite of all our products is now available for purchase. SoilVision Office provides your firm with access to advanced numerical analysis tools in a wide variety of topics. Multi-user network versions are also available. Click here for pricing.

SVOffice 2D (Edu) $4867
SVOffice 3D (Edu) $8180
SVOffice 2D&3D (Edu) $11,937 

Come visit us at our booth at the Two Rivers CGS conference in Winnipeg, MB Canada!
Version 2.0 of our SVSolid stress/deformation package is available. Version updates include greatly enhanced ability to create and run 3D problems. Use SVSolid 3D Hyperbolic Analysis on your next foundation design! An overview of the SVSolid product is also available here.

The following model highlights the advanced calculation capabilities of the ChemFlux package. Automatic mesh refinement follows the front of the contaminant plume. Animation of the results is performed in the new AcuMesh 2.0 graphics program.

Version 2.0 of SVHeat is now available. The new version offers significant enhancements in the development of 3D models. Download and try the Student Version of one of the only 3D geothermal packages available worldwide.

Version 2.0 of AcuMesh is now available. The graphics engine of the software has been re-written and offers significant speed increases when drawing highly detailed meshes. Decreases in drawing time average 80% over the previous version. Contact us here to upgrade the 2D plotting capabilities of your software. A free demo is provided on the AcuMesh site!

SoilVision Systems Ltd. will be providing a short course on the groundwater modeling of mine tailings and waste rock in Vail, CO at the start of the Mine Tailings and Waste Rock conference. Click here to sign up to attend!
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