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SVHEAVE™ has recently been added to our expanding line of world-class software products. SoilVision Systems Ltd. has collaborated on this joint development project with USA-based Engineering Analytics, Inc. to bring this tool to the marketplace.

SVHEAVE™ is a modeling tool that simplifies the calculation of soil heave for swelling clays. Free-field, slab and footing heave results are easily obtained with the input of soil data and footing design parameters. An easy-to-use graphical user interface allows geotechnical engineers to simulate a wide variety of situations common to industry practice.

SVHEAVE™ calculates heave based on oedometer-test-based methods. The user chooses the method of heave prediction from the following three methods:

  • Fredlund (1983) Method
  • Nelson and Chao (2014) Method
  • US Army Corps of Engineers (1983) Method

Slab heave is the amount of heave that the ground surface will experience due to wetting of the soils with little to no surface load applied. Pavement represents a similar low-load condition and heave computations are identical to those for slabs. Computations for footing heave are similar to those for slab heave, except that the final net normal stress is equal to the overburden stress plus the stress applied by the footing. SVHEAVE™ uses the simplified 2:1 method to estimate the increased stress at depth due to the footing load.

The software is designed to allow geotechnical engineers and other soils professionals to easily calculate heave profiles for a variety of soil profiles. Various design strategies on heave (e.g., different depths of overexcavation, different footing loads) can be easily compared.

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  • Oedometer-Test-Based Methods are used for heave prediction.
  • Multi-Layer Soil Profiles with unique soil properties are easily accommodated.
  • Varied Depths of Wetting can be simulated.
  • Design Scenarios can be quickly and easily compared.
  • Easy to Use: Featuring a familiar user interface with easy to understand icons and functions. The software behaves exactly how you would expect with a short learning curve. You will be able to start calculations right away.
  • Clear, Concise Output of Results