ChemFlux™ is able to model fate and transport through the saturated and unsaturated zones. The process of advection, diffusion, adsorption and decay may be modeled. ChemFlux is also able to refine the solution mesh based on any problem variable. Saturation levels may be imported from SVFlux™. The adaptive mesh refinement abilities of ChemFlux allow the user to specify mesh refinement that follows the front of the contaminant. The mesh then relaxes dynamically as need be to optimize solution time.

ChemFlux™ is currently being used by universities and consultants around the world. Feel free to contact us for more information.


* ChemFlux uses a math scripting language to solve numerical models. This easy-to-understand script requires no programming skills and allows users to customize our formulations.


As an engineering tool, no other software on the market can match the ability of SVFlux and ChemFlux to explore creative solutions for seepage and contaminant hydrogeology problems.

Robert Donahue, PhD, P.Eng.
University of Alberta

The software developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd. for 3D saturated / unsaturated flow is a powerful tool for the analysis and design of reclamation systems for waste rock and mine tailings. Groundwater flow together with fate and transport issues are central to the design of remedial measures. SoilVision has demonstrated the ability to provide 3D solutions for difficult unsaturated flow problems in waste deposits at mine sites that cannot be solved using current software available. I feel that SoilVision offers a key service with respect to the remediation and design of long-term closure systems for mine waste management.

Dr. Ward Wilson
University of British Columbia
School of Mines