SVFlux™ is designed to model seepage and groundwater in soils. It is a 1D, 2D, axisymmetric and 3D finite-element program for calculating saturated and unsaturated groundwater flow. The package represents powerful and stable finite element groundwater modeling software including climatic coupling. Our CAD-based front end and automated solver allow you to spend time solving your problem, not designing your mesh. Seepage pore-water pressures can be easily accommodated in our slope stability software. Groundwater models may be built as a series of surfaces and layers and the software can accommodate pinch-outs. Borehole or soil survey data may be used to build 3D groundwater models resulting in the possibility of extremely complex models. Our comprehensive documentation will get you modeling quickly!


* SVFlux uses a math scripting language to solve numerical models. This easy-to-understand script requires no programming skills and allows users to customize our formulations.



SVFlux™ is currently being used by universities, government agencies, and consultants around the world. Mining companies in northern Canada trust SVFlux to model the water flow through tailings piles. Consultants trust SVFlux coupled with SoilVision for the geotechnical evaluation of the Seattle airport expansion. Geotechnical/geoenvironmental engineers, geological engineers, hydrogeologists, and soil scientists will realize a new level of modeling ease with SVFlux.

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Our numerical modeling clients include...


I used the climatic coupling of the SVFlux software in my research and the software's abilities were central to the completion of the numerical modeling aspect of my program. I particularly found the flexibility offered by SVFlux and the responsiveness of the technical team at SoilVision to my inquiries extremely helpful. I would recommend this software to anyone else integrating seepage modeling with climatic coupling.

Adedeji Dunmola, Extraction and Tailings Technology Development Specialist, Shell Canada Limited

We have been using SVSlope and SVFlux for the past year and have found them to be efficient and productive engineering tools which have allowed us to offer our services in an efficient manner. The capability of automated increased discretization of the mesh is an absolute benefit to our modeling, reducing time and effort. We have found the software quick and easy for our engineers to train and utilize. I would recommend this product to other geotechnical consulting firms.

Barry L. Carlson, P.E., President, InTerraLogic

I'm very pleased with the software. It is stable, versatile, and fast, and so far has responded to my demands. Well worth the investment.

Matt Wickham
Senior Hydrologist, Golder Associates

We found the response time regarding implementation of the new boundary condition feature impressive. The software has subsequently been utilized on various projects within AMEC including dry stack and traditional tailing storage facility design, as well as numerous closure cover systems. The comprehensive climatic and material characteristic relationships and CAD interface have been instrumental in reducing both modeling time and cost.

Justin Hall, P.Eng., Senior Engineer, AMEC Earth & Environmental

The SVFlux software has provided a stable and productive environment by which we have been able to quickly apply unsaturated flow numerical models and further develop this area of our business.

Albert van Zyl
Golder Associates, South Africa

The SVFlux software is very efficient, flexible and comprehensive. It fits well to different simulations while allowing you to quickly change several parameters without having to rebuild the model.

Fernando Junqueira
Post Doctoral Research Fellow
University of British Columbia, School of Mines

Research projects often require the use of raw data from conventional software packages to be incorporated into advanced customized solutions. It is often hard to find commercial software that allows you access to the raw data. SVFlux not only gives you access, it allows you to export the raw data in several user defined formats. This feature has been invaluable in my Ph.D. program.

Jason Stianson
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Alberta

The software developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd. for 3D saturated / unsaturated flow is a powerful tool for the analysis and design of reclamation systems for waste rock and mine tailings. Groundwater flow together with fate and transport issues are central to the design of remedial measures. SoilVision has demonstrated the ability to provide 3D solutions for difficult unsaturated flow problems in waste deposits at mine sites that cannot be solved using current software available. I feel that SoilVision offers a key service with respect to the remediation and design of long-term closure systems for mine waste management.

Dr. Ward Wilson
University of British Columbia
School of Mines