SVSolid™ is designed for solving the stress state and deformations in soils under various loading conditions. It is a 1D, 2D and 3D finite-element program for engineering soil mechanics computations. SVSolid simulates the behavior of soil or rock which may undergo elastic or plastic deformations. SVSolid may also be coupled with our groundwater flow or slope stability software.


* SVSolid uses a math scripting language to solve numerical models. This easy-to-understand script requires no programming skills and allows users to customize our formulations.



SVSolid™ is currently being used by universities, government agencies, and consultants around the world. Contact us to be put in touch with people from industry currently using our software.

Our numerical modeling clients include...


We can attest to the value of these products in a consulting environment. We have used these software products to provide solutions we otherwise would not be able to deliver.

Dave Kent, P.Eng.
Chief Engineer
Clifton Associates

The simplicity and power of SVSolid allow the creation of tens of modeling scenarios in the time normally required for the creation of a single model.

Murray Fredlund , Ph.D., P.Eng.
SoilVision Systems Ltd.