SVOFFICE 5 Release Notes

Version 5.3.01: 3 August 2017

  • NEW: Added option to delete elements from a surface during carving that are outside the clipping surface in SVDESIGNER™.
  • NEW: Added support for graphing %Fines in SVSOILS™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Live graphical preview of solver progress in SVSLOPE® 3D.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Project preview window in SVOFFICE™ Manager.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Model coupling dialog supports all solvers.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated 3D Search Method options in SVSLOPE® 3D.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated SVSLOPE® 3D to account for the no-strength material when displaying slip surface exit points.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSOILS™ Data Mining display of all SWCC curves.
  • FIX: Review Boundary Condition in SVFLUX™GT transient models.
  • FIX: Representation of flux vectors along integer model boundaries in SVFLUX™GT.
  • FIX: Unit display issue for Precipitation graph on Precipitation Properties dialog in SVFLUX™.
  • FIX: Empty scene pane in SVDESIGNER™ when grid saved without a layer name.
  • FIX: Handled some cases in generating a pond, if pond was not bounded on all sides in SVDESIGNER™.
  • FIX: Display of Range plots on deformed meshes in Large Strain Consolidation.
  • FIX: Display of slip trials in SD View of SVSLOPE® 3D.
  • FIX: Editing of slope limits required model Save first in SVSLOPE®.
  • FIX: Print to PDF was broken in v5.3.00.
  • FIX: Material assignment using the context menus now supports Undo/Redo.

Version 5.3.00: 23 June 2017

  • NEW: Support for Sarma Non-Vertical Slices calculation method in SVSLOPE® 2D.
  • NEW: Importer for GeoTIFF files in SVDESIGNER™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Display of distributed loads.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Pond generation feature in SVDESIGNER™ can use a region boundary.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Status bar progress indicator during meshing of GT and WR models.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reordering of Node Variable legend display.
  • FIX: Error on loading Snow Cover dialog.
  • FIX: Ground surface edge calculation in SVSLOPE® 2D.
  • FIX: Some situations caused backend trial slip surfaces displaying outside the geometry in SVSLOPE® 3D.
  • FIX: Calculation error introduced in previous version, specific to SVSLOPE® 3D when using supports and a slip surface other than fully-specified.
  • FIX: Fixed a column color display problem in SVSLOPE® 3D in some situations.
  • FIX: Correct problem opening Initial Conditions dialog after creating a 2D model from a 3D model.

Version 5.2.12: 31 May 2017

  • IMPROVEMENT: Provide users the ability to set the unit weight of the fluid for Non-strength Material in SVSLOPE®.
  • FIX: "Entire Range" for range plots in 1D models.
  • FIX: SVSLOPE® remove failure mass display option was inaccessible.
  • FIX: MPA solver initialization was failing in some cases.
  • FIX: Display of flux section in coupled models and ACUMESH™.
  • FIX: Retain Modified Campbell p Preset Option selection in Material Manager.
  • FIX: Material display in SD View of ACUMESH™.

Version 5.2.11: 16 May 2017

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added option to filter display of trial slip surfaces that fall partially outside the model domain.
  • FIX: Display of the top surface of a 3D model was not being refreshed after modifications, only initial creation.
  • FIX: Corrected exception while creating multiple surfaces while in the Surfaces dialog.
  • FIX: A rounding error in defining Contour plot contour levels in some cases.
  • FIX: Display of a River boundary condition was occassionally hidden under top surface for some complex meshes.

Version 5.2.10: 15 May 2017

  • NEW: Improved display of partial surfaces and limited regions in 3D models in SVOFFICE™.
  • NEW: Ability to create contour labels by clicking on the display window.
  • NEW: Enhanced editing and drawing of polylines in SVDESIGNER™.
  • NEW: Use Ctrl-V on the display window of SVOFFICE&trade to create a Region in 2D or open Surfaces dialog in 3D.
  • NEW: Ability to set FOS decimal display.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Major version update for the FlexPDE® finite-element solver. FlexPDE®7 now available for use with the SVOFFICE™ GE suite.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Custom contour labelling improvements.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Flux sections display in ACUMESH™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSLOPE® Solver performance enhanced, especially in 3D models.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVOFFICE™ Manager improvements to display of projects and models and performance with many models.
  • FIX: Selection of entities when corresponding dialog window is open.
  • FIX: Import of SLIDE model issue resolved.
  • FIX: Display of default values of range coordinates in the Range output dialog.
  • FIX: Insert a point operation from the SVOFFICE™ context menu.
  • FIX: Display of individual layers.
  • FIX: Fixed error that occured when renaming a surface in some situations.
  • FIX: Correct some coordinate entry issues encountered when entering geotextiles in SVSLOPE®.
  • FIX: Issues with slices in ACUMESH™.
  • FIX: Added support for pasting water surface values from a space-separated file.

Version 5.2.09: 3 April 2017

  • NEW: Implement Anisotropy of the thermal conductivity for SVHEAT™WR.
  • NEW: Implement Cote and Konrad to calculate thermal conductivity in SVHeat™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Several performance improvements that speed model loading and writing of input files.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Numerous user interface enhancements in SVDESIGNER™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved responsiveness of Support Geometry dialog in SVSLOPE®.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Increased speed of elevation contouring.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Enable the Cauchy Boundary Condition for SVFLUX™WR.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for tunnels to SVFLUX™GT.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Solution of pore-water pressure FE results with SVSLOPE®3D analysis is slow.
  • FIX: Highlight graph ranges on canvas in both front end and AcuMesh&trade when dialog is open.
  • FIX: Improvements to meshing dialog.
  • FIX: Streamtraces in 3D models.

Version 5.2.08: 8 March 2017

  • NEW: The ability to subdivide Regions.
  • NEW: Rename models in SVOFFICE™ Manager.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Further 3D Meshing improvements made.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Surface mesh generation logic improved to handle more complex data.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Materials legend column headers and grouping.
  • FIX: Generation of flux section graphs for SVFLUX™GT for some Regional Settings.
  • FIX: Import surface preview was not working in some situations.
  • FIX: Numerical rounding issue inputting water surfaces resolved.
  • FIX: Fixed error when performing a Save As from 3D to 2D from the SVOFFICE™ Manager.
  • FIX: Tunnel initialization issue that occurs occasionally corrected.
  • FIX: Temporary display of 3D columns offset from slip surface area corrected in SVSLOPE®.
  • FIX: Display of unit weight of water for a no-strength material in SVSLOPE® clarified.

Version 5.2.07: 9 February 2017

  • NEW: Official full release of SVOFFICE™5/GT.
  • NEW: Editing tools for point alignment and meshes in SVDESIGNER™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: 3D Meshing around wells.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add mesh spacing parameter to anchors interface.
  • FIX: Display refresh after updates to discrete points contour settings.
  • FIX: Include 3D anchors in mesh.
  • FIX: Range graphs for SVFLUX™WR.
  • FIX: Display of surface mesh lines when elevation contouring enabled.
  • FIX: Region boundaries in GT models shown in stages where they do not exist.

Version 5.2.06: 3 February 2017

  • NEW: Axisymmetric analysis in SVFLUX™WR enabled.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Various issues around meshing of models.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Intersection alogithms updated to handle more cases.
  • FIX: Support for Regional Settings (handling of decimal separator for some input/output files) in SVFLUX™WR added.
  • FIX: Corrections made for Regional Settings (handling of decimal separator for some input/output files) in GT models.
  • FIX: Meshing near a well in SVFLUX™WR fixed.
  • FIX: Preview of initial conditions grid data has been corrected.
  • FIX: Fixed problem executing a GT model if the model was loaded independant of a Project
  • FIX: Graph of Brooks & Corey SWCC Fit was not showing adjustment to Saturated VWC for some materials.

Version 5.2.05: 11 January 2017

  • NEW: Drape site photo onto model.
  • NEW: 3D Slope Search method added to SVSLOPE®.
  • NEW: Abiltity of save and restore Camera Views.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVDESIGNER™ road builder feature improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Toolbar to toggle top surface display.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Redesign of View menu to provide better control of legends, rules and axes.
  • FIX: Better support for Regional Settings (handling of decimal separator for some input/output files).
  • FIX: Various issues around remeshing of GT models.
  • FIX: SVSOILS™ grainsize improvements.
  • FIX: Variable name conflict when using the Density dependent option in SVCHEM™ and the Hydraulic Conductivity Anisotropy option in SVFLUX™ in the same model.
  • FIX: Use of River boundaries conditions in SVFLUX™ when using the Surface - Mesh option corrected.

Version 5.2.04: 16 December 2016

  • FIX: Minor 3D model graphics bug fixed.
  • FIX: Graph display bug in GT models fixed.
  • FIX: Meshing bug fixed.
  • FIX: APEM probability bug fixed.
  • FIX: Exception corrected when selected some methods on the SVSLOPE® Tornado graph.
  • NOTE: Surface display ordering has been reverted to the original behavior.

Version 5.2.03: 30 November 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: Better display of boundary conditions in SVSOLID™ GT.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Stability and performance improvements to 3D displays.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Many general usability improvements when manipulating geometry or various model settings.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Cleaned up a number of surface display settings in SVOFFICE™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Cleaned up a number of mesh settings to clearly highlight differences between GT, GE and WR meshing.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Support for more surface types when importing CLARA-W geometry.
  • FIX: Various corrections from GT and WR Beta program feedback.
  • NOTE: Surface display ordering is slightly different from 5.2.02 in this release. The ordering has been reverted to the original behavior for release 5.2.04.

Version 5.2.02: 9 November 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: Stability and performance improvements to 3D displays.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Speed improvements for generating results from the GT solver.
  • FIX: Various corrections from GT and WR Beta program feedback.

Version 5.2.01: 26 October 2016

  • NEW: Spectral Psuedo-Static Method in SVSLOPE® allows dynamic clayey slope stability analysis.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Output of excess pwp contour of column base for SVSLOPE® based on B-bar method added.
  • IMPROVEMENT: HASP drivers updated to version 7.51.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSLOPE® Boundaries menu is now called Loading.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVDESIGNER™ functionalities massively improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Stage construction dialog improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Creating unifrom support in SVSLOPE® improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Sensitivity graph improved.
  • FIX: Piezometric line display bug in YZ or SD view fixed.
  • FIX: Initial condition layer/region assignment bug fixed.
  • FIX: Calculation of excess pwp for SVSLOPE® based on B-bar method corrected for some loading cases.

Version 5.2.00: 11 October 2016

  • NEW: SVOFFICE™ 5 GT suite Beta release.
  • NEW: SVCORE™ finite element solver for solutions with GT suite.
  • NEW: SVSOLID™ stress/deformation analysis with GT suite.
  • NEW: Saturated Consolidation analysis in 1D/2D/3D.
  • NEW: Large Strain stress/deformation analysis.
  • NEW: Large Strain saturated consolidation analysis.
  • NEW: SVOFFICE™ 5 WR suite Beta release.
  • NEW: FEHM™ solver developed by Los Alamos National Labs supported by SVOFFICE™ 5 WR suite.
  • NEW: SVFLUX™ WR analysis with FEHM™ solver. Enhanced capabilities for large regional groundwater modeling.
  • NEW: Multi-Plane Analysis (MPA) in SVSLOPE® allows rapid solution of hundreds of 2D sections from a 3D slope stability model.
  • NEW: Probability ehancements in SVSLOPE® offer more inputs for consideration.
  • NEW: New tutorials to perform back analysis of material properties for SVSLOPE® 2D.
  • NEW: v.5.2 Minor Version update provides new features for users on VIP program.
  • FIX: SVDESIGNER™ road builder bugs fixed.
  • FIX: Errors when flipping to 2D in 3D models fixed.
  • FIX: Show value blanking feature now working.

Version 5.1.10: 20 September 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: In SVSLOPE® distributed load symbols added to results display.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSLOPE® Multi-Directional Analysis renamed Orientation Analysis.
  • FIX: SVSLOPE® was displaying multiple water table lines after slicing a 3D model to 2D.
  • FIX: SVSLOPE® Entry & Exit method components were not initialized properly after slicing a 3D model to 2D.
  • FIX: Geometry > Import > From MS Excel was not working in some cases.
  • FIX: SVSOILS™ shrinkage curve fitting bug fixed.
  • FIX: SVSOILS™ character display issue on Material description field resolved.

Version 5.1.09: 20 August 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSLOPE™ critical mass display features enhanced.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVOFFICE™ artwork feature improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSLOPE® supports feature improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVOFFICE™ initial condition dialog improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSLOPE® wedges feature improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVOFFICE™ contouring improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: FOS display in AcuMesh™ improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVDESIGNER™ external file support improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: ACUMESH™ documentation improved.
  • FIX: vavg variable was being excluded from SVCHEM™ models in some cases.
  • FIX: Issue using Boundaries option when specifying streamtraces resolved.
  • FIX: Corrected updating errors on the Initial Conditions dialog when the Per Region option was used.
  • FIX: Load feature application when converting a model from 1D to 2D improved.
  • FIX: Fixed some situations when importing Grid data.
  • FIX: SVSOILS™ compression and hydraulic conductivity bug fixed.

Version 5.1.06: 2 June 2016

  • NEW: Slide v.6.0 Import added. Import entire models directly into SVSLOPE®
  • NEW: Model carving feature in SVSLOPE®.
  • NEW: Critical slip surface can now be imported from one model to another using Save As in Acumesh™.
  • NEW: SVSOILS™ materials database can now be downloaded online.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Elevation contours in SVDESIGNER™ improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Loading models, opening and closing dialogs now much faster.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Massive performance improvements in SVSOILS™.
  • FIX: SVSOILS™ materials import bug fixed.
  • FIX: Error when changing project location in SVOFFICE™ manager fixed.
  • FIX: Display bug in SVSLOPE® fixed.

Version 5.1.05: 18 May 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSOILS™ interface improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Entry and exit lines now show in Acumesh.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Artwork feature in SVOFFICE™ modeling modules improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSOILS™ volume-mass state functions improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: SVSOILS™ shrinkage graph improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: 3D region boundaries display improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Distributed load feature improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: 3D trial slip surface functioning improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Water table can now be applied to specific surfaces.
  • FIX: Boundary condition not showing in some models resolved.
  • FIX: Draw feature in plan view bug fixed.
  • FIX: Imperial units error in SVAIR™ fixed.
  • FIX: AEV value error in SVSOILS™ fixed.
  • FIX: Critical sliding mass error in some models fixed.
  • FIX: Water table format options now working.

Version 5.1.04: 26 April 2016

  • IMPROVEMENT: Measuring tool included in SVOFFICE™ modeling modules.
  • FIX: SVAIR™ source/sink units corrected.
  • FIX: Exporting 3D slope slice as 2D error fixed.

Version 5.1.03: 25 April 2016

  • NEW: Intersection feature in SVDESIGNER™ now automatically generates a region of intersection between surfaces.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Draw feature in SVDESIGNER™ improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Artwork feature in SVOFFICE™ modeling modules improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Snapping feature in SVDESIGNER™ improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Load times for importing large files into SVDESIGNER™ reduced which results in massive performance improvements.
  • IMPROVEMENT: DXF file (.dxf) line objects with common points and the same display settings now combine which results in massive performance improvements.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Material properties dialog functioning for big models now works much faster.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Extensive results details now provided for probability and sensitivity models.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Software performance for model slicing massively improved.
  • FIX: Volume generation issue in SVDESIGNER™ resolved.
  • FIX: Software hang when undoing changing regions properties resolved.
  • FIX: Error in ESRI shape file dialog resolved.
  • FIX: Error in draw fully specified slip surface window resolved.
  • FIX: Water table line not showing in some models resolved.
  • FIX: Error in SVAIR™ material properties permeability field resolved.
  • FIX: NullReferenceException error resolved on analysis of SVSLOPE® model in some situations.
  • FIX: Updated model example downloads to account for FIPS compliance issue.

Version 5.1.02: 08 April 2016

  • FIX: Corrected encoding error preventing some models from being analyzed depending on license level.
  • FIX: Resolved freezing of software display after 3D SVSLOPE® explosion distance increased in some situations.
  • FIX: Various visualization and selection related display operations improved.

Version 5.1.01: 05 April 2016

  • NEW: SVOFFICE™5/GE 64-bit version released.
  • CHANGE: SVOFFICE™5/GE 32-bit support discontinued.
  • FIX: Registration codes were not working in some cases when non-standard characters were provided. Those used in languages other than English in particular.
  • FIX: Various out of memory exceptions that occured with the 32-bit version.

Version 5.1.00: 24 March 2016


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