Regulator Policy

Soilvision Systems Ltd. recognizes that the geotechnical and hydrological consulting work performed using our software packages will come under review by regulators in various countries around the world. It is generally the desire of regulators to i) confirm the theory utilized in the software, ii) confirm that the math is being solved properly, and iii) confirm that the numerical modeling approach is correct and reasonable.

This regulation process is supported by Soilvision Systems Ltd. and we encourage review of our software. In addition, the following resources are provided to regulators such that a proper review of work done with our software can be performed:


Verification manuals for all of our software products are provided free of charge on our website and may be downloaded from the Documentation page.


The student version of our software may be installed and used to open and view consulting model files. All input data and output data for any particular model run can be viewed using the student version. Please note: the student version does not include access to any of the theory manuals for our software. The student version of our package can be downloaded using this link.


Regulators are welcome to a 15% discount on any of the posted annual lease prices or permanent licenses posted on our website.


The development team at SoilVision Systems Ltd. (SVS) has implemented, refined, and improved an extensive quality assurance / quality control (QAQC) program over the past 15 years which we feel is one of the best in the industry. The QAQC program at SVS is under constant extension to ensure that new features added to the software are included in the umbrella of the existing QAQC program. The extensiveness of the QAQC program has allowed geotechnical consultants to utilize the software on many world-class projects with confidence.

Visit our QAQC page for full details.

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