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Dear SVOFFICE 5 User,


I would like to welcome you to our new SVOFFICE 5 geotechnical software suite. This suite represents a significant leap forward in the 2D and especially 3D analysis of geo-structures. A new conceptual design module has been developed to allow for the easy manipulation of 3D geo-data and the easy creation of geotechnical designs by the geo-professional. This system greatly simplifies and speeds the creation of 3D numerical models. The SoilVision application has also been re-designed and re-branded as SVSOILS and showcases a brand new and simplified user interface. A new 3D high-speed graphics engine has also been implemented in order to facilitate the easy creation of larger 3D numerical models. These features alone augment the abilities of the software suite in significant ways.


The SVOFFICE 5 software represents years of work by a dedicated group of geo-professionals and we hope you will be pleased with our work. We welcome your suggestions and comments on the use of the software!


Best regards,


Murray Fredlund, PhD, PEng


SoilVision Systems Ltd.