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SoilVision is well known for producing cutting edge 3D slope stability software. Our 2D slope stability software has been discovered by many industry professionals to be that hidden gem that when you find it, you realize how incredible it really is.




SVSLOPE®2D software easily meets or exceeds the functionality of many other recognized software packages. More than 25 constitutive models are available including unsaturated soils (6 methods), rock (9 methods) including ALM models 1 through 4 and drained and undrained soils and fluid (13 methods) which is more than other software available. More than 10 different calculation methods are available including Morgenstern-Price, Sarma (vertical and non-vertical slices), and Kulhawy. Sensitivity analysis, probability analysis and spatial variability can be utilized to improve your model’s representation of real world scenarios. The variety of options available in the software allows for extensive multiple-scenario testing of any project, providing confidence in results. SVSLOPE® has also implemented a number of design standards that can be chosen, or even specified for those projects requiring more stringent requirements. Fault planes of any orientation/shape, multiple different supports, soil layer pinchouts and distributed/line loads can all be modeled in our 2D software. SVSLOPE®2D includes steady state pore-water pressure options and can be coupled with SVFLUX™ to assess changes in stability due to transient flow.

All these great options coupled with the unique ability to easily transition back and forth from 2D to 3D, all in one package, means you only create the geometry once.

Move up to SVSLOPE®2D for the price of an annual maintenance or upgrade fee. Once you try it, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

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Our industry defining software will change the game for your firm