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eNews - Bentley to Leverage SoilVision Systems Technology

Oct 23, 2018

PRESS RELEASE - BIM Advancements Being Extended to Subsurface Engineering

Oct 17, 2018

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Fredlund M. - 2017
"The Future of Numerical Geo-Modeling: Is 3D Here to Stay?!" 
Geo-Strata Magazine, Geo-Institute and the American Society of Civil Engineers 
Reston, VA, USA 
November/December Issue
Todd Myhre, Murray Fredlund - 2017
Canadian Dam Association 2017 Annual Conference, Kelowna, British Columbia, October 16-18, 2017
M. Fredlund, D.G. Fredlund, L. Zhang - 2017
"Moving from 2D to a 3D Unsaturated Slope Stability Analysis"
PanAm-UNSAT, Dallas, Texas
M. Fredlund, H.-H. Lu, Z. Ivkovic, G. Gitirana - 2017 
"Multi-Plane Slope Stability Analysis of Tailings Dams" 
Tailings and Mine Waste, Banff, Alberta
M. Karray, M. Hussien, F. Ghobrial, M.C. Delisle, P. Locat, R. Mompin, C. Ledoux, M. Fredlund, H.-H. Lu, R. Thode - 2017 
"Incorporation of the spectral pseudo-static procedure into the limit equilibrium slope stability software - SVSLOPE" 
GeoOttawa, Ottawa, Ontario
M. Fredlund, D.G. Fredlund, Z. Ivkovic, H.-H. Lu - 2017 
"Extending slope stability analysis to multi-plane 2D and 3D limit equilibrium approaches" 
GeoOttawa, Ottawa, Ontario
M. Fredlund, D.G. Fredlund, H.-H. Lu - 2017 
"Practical Application of 3-D Stability Analysis" 
ICSMGE 2017, Seoul, Korea
Murray Fredlund, HaiHua Lu, Zenja Ivkovic - November 2017 
"Practical Methodology for Transitioning to a 3D Stability Analysis for Geotechnical Consultants"

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