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SoilVision Systems Ltd. Releases SVOFFICE™5/GT GEOTECHNICAL SUITE

SoilVision Systems Ltd. would like to announce the full release of the SVOFFICE™5/GT software suite. SVOFFICE™5/GT introduces a software suite with a geotechnical focus centered on an entirely new solver, the SVCORE™ Finite Element Engine. SVCORE™ has been developed over the past 20 years and is utilized in the newly introduced SVSOLID™GT and SVFLUX™GT modules. These two modules introduce new analysis capabilities such as:

  • a greatly improved stress / deformation analysis of elasto-plastic materials,
  • a manager dialog for staged construction/excavation of uncoupled or coupled models,
  • shear strength reduction (SSR) slope stability analysis in 2D or 3D,
  • anchor analysis in 2D or 3D, and
  • the SVSOLID™ and SVFLUX™ modules may be fully coupled to perform small-strain or large-strain analysis.

Figure 1: Open Pit Composite

Meshes are now fully integrated with the SVDESIGNER™ module and this allows for continuity in the workflow from model conceptualization to solution. Triangular/quadratic elements in 2D and tetrahedral elements in 3D are supported with fully automatic mesh generation and manual mesh refinement.
The software package also integrates seamlessly with the existing SVSLOPE® to provide either:

  • Import of pore-water pressures from SVFLUX™, or
  • Import of stresses and/or pore-water pressures from SVSOLID™.

Staged construction or excavation analysis may also be performed in SVFLUX™GT and SVSOLID™GT or by coupling the modules.

Figure 1: Tailings Dam Composite

The new SVOFFICE™5/GT suite provides market leading strength for the application of geotechnical analysis in the following areas:

  • Settlement during construction/excavation sequences
  • Comprehensive 2D/3D limit equilibrium slope stability analysis
  • Advanced 3D site conceptualization/visualization with SVDESIGNER™
  • Advanced SSR FEM slope stability analysis make the GT suite an advanced option for slope stability analysis when combined with SVSLOPE®
  • Comprehensive foundation settlement analysis
  • Foundation total stress (Skempton A&B pore-pressure parameters) or fully coupled consolidation effective stress analysis
  • Advanced LEM or FEM analysis of anchor retaining walls
  • Advanced back-analysis of retaining wall anchor anchor requirements with SVSLOPE®
  • Large-strain consolidation analysis of mine tailings using a moving mesh

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We welcome all inquiries and invite you to take the new SVOFFICE™5/GT software for a test drive.

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