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Monday, April 1, 2019

SOILVISION is pleased to announce that it has been acquired along with PLAXIS by Bentley in July of 2018. The acquisition of SOILVISION by Bentley, a civil/infrastructure engineering software company provides opportunity and strength to be leveraged into future product development. The acquisition looked to provide Bentley with a comprehensive geotechnical product offering with strengths in the area of slope stability of earth dam, embankments, and retaining walls as well as in the mining market sector that is complementary to the PLAXIS offerings in infrastructure. SOILVISION was acquired for it’s strength and innovation in 3D geotechnical analysis and provides Bentley with strong market-leading 3D limit equilibrium (LEM) modeling capabilities.

The team looks forward to having SOILVISION compliment the diversity of existing Bentley products. You can expect continued exciting innovations and product development which have defined the SOILVISION team. Integrations with similar Bentley civil products as well as gINT and PLAXIS will be forthcoming. Dr. Fredlund will continue to provide strategic advice to the larger geotechnical team now within Bentley. A press statement about the acquisition can be found here.

You are invited, as our valued customers, to join us on this new phase of our journey!

SoilVIsion Systems Ltd.

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