Our soon-to-be released SVSEISMIC™ provides an advanced design tool for soil structures or mining-related earth structures under dynamic or earthquake conditions. SVSEISMIC™ is dynamic analysis software by the finite element direct time step-by-step integration method. Advanced analyses may include but are not limited to: earthquake ground response analysis, foundation dynamic design and earth dam or slope dynamic response analysis. Dynamic analysis may become crucial under certain circumstances. We are making possible even more powerful analysis capabilities within SVSEISMIC™ when used in combination with SVSLOPE®, SVFLUX™GT and SVSOLID™GT.

  • Slope Seismic Response

  • Complex Dam Seismic Response

  • Dam Seismic Response

  • Embankment Seismic Response

  • Seismic Force

Key features and enhancements of SVSEISMIC:

  • 2D finite element program for soil dynamic analysis
  • Motion equations are solved directly by time step-by-step integration algorithm
  • Earthquake records can be imported as the dynamic forces
  • Dynamic forces can be defined and modified with graph features
  • Linear Elastic model can be used
  • Triangulated elements provide stable solutions
  • Dynamic results include contours or vectors for motion and stress values
  • Animation of dynamic results can be generated for better visualization
  • Display of user-defined nodal history results
  • Easy to use - quickly design models based on an intuitive CAD user interface and logical feature layout allowing creation of more complicated geometric models
  • Continuous development of new features and capabilities
  • Extensive QAQC program
  • Instrumentation support coming
  • World Class Support: Highly dedicated team with tracking and fast response to raised issues - typically within 24 - 48 hours

  • Dynamic response analysis capabilities come to SVOFFICE™5.

    SVSEISMIC™ is a 2D finite-element program for geotechnical earth structures. The software can solve dynamic response of earth structures under dynamic force or earthquake loading. The output results include motion values in displacement, velocity, acceleration and dynamic stress strain values.

    The SVSEISMIC™ analysis module has been added to our SVOFFICE™5 Suites of tightly integrated software products. It allows users to define project geometry, boundary conditions, physical properties and import the dynamic force or earthquake loading quickly and easily. SVSEISMIC™ has also been integrated with our post analysis graph program ACUMESH™ which further allows a user to view and interpret the dynamic results using contours, vectors, deformations, motion histories and animations for stunning visualization

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  • Common Applications:

    SVSEISMIC™ can be used for the analysis of but is not limited to the following problems related to geotechnical engineering design and seismic studies>.

    • Ground seismic response and studies under earthquake conditions
    • Earth dam response under earthquake conditions
    • Slope or mining slope response under dynamic loading or earthquake conditions
    • Foundation design under dynamic loadings
    • Dynamic slope stability studies
    • Tunneling design under dynamic and earthquake conditions
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