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This section highlights instances where our numerical modeling software has been used by geotechnical consultants to provide their clients with rigorous numerical modeling solutions. The application of leading edge technologies describes the use of new models not previously available. We hope you will enjoy these brief descriptions of our software being used in the marketplace.

August 14, 2014

Recently, SVSLOPE® was used to develop a series of design charts for simple slopes combining quantitative estimates of the conventional factor of safety with matching estimates of the probability of failure considering random values of cohesive and frictional shear strength components having lognormal distributions. Two series of design charts were developed.

Monte Carlo simulations were run utilizing the conventional Simplified Bishop’s Method of analysis coupled with the probabilistic circular slip slope stability analysis option in SVSLOPE®. The results were used by the researchers to develop design charts for cohesive and cohesive-frictional soil slopes. Design chart accuracy was confirmed by comparing chart values with closed-form solutions where available, and results from other software packages. The charts may be used by geotechnical engineers to make preliminary estimates of the probability of failure of simple slopes without the need of first running Monte Carlo simulations.

The analysis required the utilization of SVSLOPE® for many thousands of model runs with a wide range of model input values. The analysis results compared closely to the results from other software packages. The successful completion of this research project demonstrates the stability and accuracy of the SVSLOPE® software package.

A recent journal paper that describes this work and presents the probabilistic slope stability design charts can be found at:

We have used SVSLOPE® for a research program at the Royal Military College to develop simplified probabilistic slope stability design charts. The software performance has been excellent and our few questions related to it's use were answered promptly by the staff at SoilVision Systems Ltd. I would recommend this software for use in the geotechnical consulting community as it is stable, robust, and compares well to similar software based on our study results.

Dr. Richard Bathurst, Ph.D., FCAE, FEIC, P.Eng.
Professor of Civil Engineering (RMC and Queen’s University)
GeoEngineering Centre at Queen’s-RMC Royal Military College of Canada

If you are interested in this type of analysis, the SVSLOPE® software package is available. Please visit our ordering page for pricing and purchase information, or contact us directly.

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  • "We have allowed our students the choice of using multiple Geotechnical software suites in our Dam Design and other Geotechnical courses. Our students consistently gravitate towards SoilVision software as being the most modern and user-friendly."

  • "I've been a geotechnical engineer for more than 25 years and SoilVision has the best tech support I have ever worked with. I truly appreciate their patience and help over the past year."

  • "Peter Brett Associates have been looking to update our existing slope stability software over the last year. After extensive research and trials, SVSLOPE® developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd. was found to meet all our existing and future design requirements. Its ease of use for modeling simple as well as complex geological and geometrical problems was a critical factor in our assessment as well as the incorporation of design to the Eurocodes. Their customer support has been faultless and their willingness to develop the software to meet our own specific design requirements is a most gratifying added bonus."

    "We love the fact that SVSLOPE® is part of an integrated suite of software and that, if required, 3D analysis can be undertaken. We would recommend this product to other geotechnical consulting firms."

  • "We have been using SVSLOPE® and SVFLUX™ for the past year and have found them to be efficient and productive engineering tools which have allowed us to offer our services in an efficient manner. The capability of automated increased discretization of the mesh is an absolute benefit to our modeling, reducing time and effort. We have found the software quick and easy for our engineers to train and utilize. I would recommend this product to other geotechnical consulting firms."

  • "The software is well documented and comes with number of useful example models. We were able to quickly begin creating models after a short review of the user interface and going through the available on-line webinars. The software offers solid benefits of less conservatism and the ability to model real geometry."

  • "This new software for stability analysis includes a number of state-of-the-art options for probabilistic slope stability analysis. This feature, combined with comprehensive deterministic analyses, will provide new opportunities to build confidence in the results of a site-specific analysis.”

  • "I'm excited to see the release of this new and innovative product. I look forward to and encourage the application of this software on additional geotechnical projects.”

  • "In consulting engineering practice, I am increasingly made aware of the important and beneficial role that modeling the unsaturated soil zone can play in providing the client with the best possible engineered solution. The SoilVision software has made it possible to readily estimate and incorporate unsaturated soil properties into the modeling of saturated / unsaturated soil systems.”

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