SoilVision Systems Ltd. offers tremendous value with all of our products. We want to extend these promotional offers to you to bring even more value to your purchase.

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SoilVision is celebrating 20 years of innovation!

SV 20 Years of Innovation logo alternate​​​​To commemorate this milestone event we are doing the unthinkable…giving away our 3D slope stability software for free!

Every new* annual license purchase of SVSLOPE® 2D Professional for $2,877 will also receive a one-year lease of our 2nd generation SVSLOPE® 3D Professional absolutely free (MSRP $5,397) – no strings attached. That’s right! This is the fully functional professional version – not a demo – which means you can start using it right now on real projects supplying instant revenue to your organization’s bottom line. 

Have you been curious about or eager to jump into the lucrative arena of 3D modeling and analysis but weren’t quite ready to make the leap? Well, now you can make that transition easier than you ever though possible using the most advanced 2nd generation 3D slope stability software platform available. There is a paradigm shift happening in numerical modeling…be ready.

At the end of one year you can continue to lease, purchase a perpetual license or simply let the annual license expire. You are never locked in. You can upgrade this to a permanent perpetual license or upgrade from Professional to Mining – adding new features such as Multi-Plane Analysis (MPA) or Orientation Analysis. We are so confident in the speed and feature advantages of using SVSLOPE® 3D over all other options – we believe you will want to continue to use it past the one-year term. Speak to one of our friendly customer service agents to find out all of the details.

To make this offer even more unbelievable, we are also going to include the powerful Orientation Analysis feature, allowing you to run your analysis in any arbitrary direction.

Hurry! This offer ends on February 29, 2018† and may not come around for another 20 years… don’t miss out!

* Does not apply to existing licenses or upgrades. †All sales transactions must be concluded by February 28, 2018.

Get Up to Speed with SVDESIGNER™

getuptospeed logoAnnouncing our Get Up to Speed with SVDESIGNER™ program. We are offering this program on a first come - first serve basis to all new and pre-existing customers.

SVDESIGNER™ offers an amazing set of intuitive and powerful features to help you conceptualize your geotechnical designs. To help you get to the end goal faster, we are offering free model development services* with your initial purchase of SVDESIGNER™.

Benefits of the Program

  • Receive one (1) free 3D conceptual model created by our in-house modeling experts using your project data!
  • Work directly with the SoilVision team and discover key features and their applications
  • Learn how to integrate your field data into the 3D SVDESIGNER™ environment
  • Build your expertise from the people who develop the SoilVision products

Have you already purchased SVDESIGNER?

You are still eligible to take advantage of this offer!  Contact us to find out how.

SVSLOPE® 2D Standard


moveup promoOwn SVSLOPE® 2D for the price of an annual maintenance or upgrade fee.

We want to get you started with SVSLOPE® 2D. This is a great low risk start up opportunity.

With our monthly webinars and extensive tutorial library available online, you will be able to get up to speed quickly. We are here to support you and ensure you get the most out of this powerful, flexible and efficient product.

SVSLOPE® Advantages:

  • Streamlined CAD interface for simple model drawing
  • Easy and logical user interface
  • More circular and non-circular searching methods
  • More probabilistic and spatial variability features
  • Comprehensive unsaturated analysis

* We are so confident that you will want to keep using our products that we wanted to make it very easy to purchase by billing you in increments over the next 4 years. The following terms and conditions apply:

  • Pricing is based on a four-year term contract.
  • If you are not satisfied, simply return the license key within the first three (3) months and all you will have paid was your first year renewal price. (ex. $579 for 2D Standard, $940 for 2D Professional)
  • Should you decide to return the software at any time after the first three months, you will be charged the annual lease rate for the time you had the software and a $100.00 administration fee.

svslope2d 04

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