Classroom Edition

SoilVision Systems Ltd. provides i) a CLASSROOM EDITION, ii) Assignments, and iii) Video Tutorials in order to aid researchers in the utilization of our software in an undergraduate or graduate University teaching environment. The CLASSROOM EDITION is provided for professors to utilize in the classroom environment to teach students the basics of geotechnical or hydrogeological numerical modelling with software. The CLASSROOM EDITION provides access to the 2D and 3D versions of our software with enough features enabled to allow the teaching of basic geotechnical and hydrological principles through the process of numerical modeling.

  • What does this edition provide?

    SVOFFICE™5 CLASSROOM EDITION allows professors to produce modeling examples for the classroom. The software is ideal for students who are taught numerical modelling concepts. The following items are provided in the CLASSROOM EDITION package:

    • SVSLOPE® 2D/3D
    • SVSOILS™ (With Sample Set of Predefined Soils)
    • SVSOLID™GT 2D/3D
    • SVHEAT™WR 2D/3D and SVHEAT™GE 1D/2D/3D
    • SVCHEM™GE 1D/2D/3D
    • SVAIR™GE 1D/2D/3D
    • SVOFFICE™ USB Network Security Key
    • Installation Software on USB Flash Card
    • Electronic user manuals and tutorials manuals
    • Access to over 700 example distribution models

    How much will it cost?

    • $250 USD for each annual network 10 - user license plus shipping (up to 50 users can be purchased for an additional cost of $250 for each additional 10 users)

    How do I order?

    Send your order request to us with the following information included in the Questions/Comments box:

    • Number of users requested
    • Contact name, email & phone number
    • Shipping address
    • Billing information (if different from the shipping address)
    • Method of payment preferred (Wire transfer, USD cheque, MC, or Visa)

    How does this edition differ from the FREE DOWNLOAD EDITION?

    CLASSROOM EDITION is essentially "The Works". In other words, it includes all of our available modules and solving engines. Nearly all Standard level features are included and fully-functional with one caveat, there is a cell limit of 100 cells in 1D, 400 cells in 2D and 1200 cells in 3D.

    CLASSROOM EDITION features are indicated in each of these module-specific feature sheets:

  • Assignment presentation videos intended for classroom environments are listed here.

    You can also find general-purpose training videos in our Learning Resources section.

  • SoilVision Systems has created an extensive library of video tutorials to assist new users. They are intended to get you up and running quickly and help familiarize you with the many unique features of the SVOFFICE™ suite of products. The tutorials can be found by visiting the Video Tutorials section.