Managing Projects and Models with SVOffice™ 2009

Presented by: Dr. Murray Fredlund, President of SoilVision Systems Ltd.


Hi, my name is Murray Fredlund and I'm here today to talk to you about managing projects and models within the SVOffice 2009 geotechnical software suite. This covers the basics of how to work with the interface that first displays when you first load the software. You should be aware that we have a free "Student Version" that users can download and install on your computer and once you first install the software it will ask you to download a list of example models. If that has not already occurred, then you can download the example models by pressing on the Download Examplesbutton as shown right here. Examples will then download, currently over 600 models, onto your machine. That number is increasing all the time as we incorporate new models and distribute them as valued pieces of information to our customers. Once users download those models your display should look something like it does here. On the left we have a list of projects and on the right you have models. In this one we have 37 projects and in this first project we have 5 models. The numbers of models in each project can be seen on the right hand side of the display.

Basic Ways to Access Help with SVOffice 2009

Help can easily be referenced by pressing the HELPmenu on any screen and, as well, there is typically a button on every dialog that brings up content sensitive help or a button such as this, in the lower lefthand corner. The basic Helpshows the functionality of the system. The Getting Started/Where Do I Startsection provides a lot of the basics of the software and how it works.

I'll also show you where models are located. This will give you a list of tutorials varied by product in our software so you can easily click on these links and jump straight to Tutorialsif you want to start entering numerical models.

On the Helpmenu you should be running the latest version of the software. We develop our software continuously and produce new versions routinely. Which means you, as a client of ours, can access new features and new types of implementation on a routine basis with the software. It's important you are up to date and you can do that by going under Help/Downloadsand checking for updates. The software will let you know, in this section, if updates are available and what actions to take.

Sections of the Project Manager Screen

You'll notice the main manager is divided into a number of sections. This picture shows the software packages available in the suite. The suite is fully integrated into one software package which allows for easy coupling between models. To the right you can see there are some web links for Latest News. You can pull up our Latest News, for example, and display that in your browser. Or you can access Latest Applicationsthat are added to the gallery of distributed models. So if you click on any of those items, they will be brought up in a browser and displayed and you can get a good idea for what the model looks like. So it's a good way of keeping updated on what new models we are adding to the system which is fairly continually.

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