Creating a New Model with SVOffice™ 2009

Presented by: Dr. Murray Fredlund, President of SoilVision Systems Ltd.


Hi, my name is Murray Fredlund and welcome to the session on Creating a New Model within the SVOffice 2009 Next Generation Geotechnical software suite.

Creating a Model

What we want to look at with this session is how a user would go in, create a new project and organize models underneath that project. First, we're going to look at entering a new project. It is assumed that if you were getting a new project you would organize the models under that consulting project and give it a relevant name (e.g., Consulting Project1). Project Notes describe the project (E.g., new consulting project) and select OK. A new project is created. Please note, the Project Name is listed. Then the user must pick which Application they want to use to create the new model (e.g., SVSlope). Model Name prompts you to enter a new model name (e.g. Model#1) and select which System (2D/3D) will be used. In the case of a Slope Stability model, Type is not available because all of the models are steady state. Next select Units (metric or imperial) and Slope Direction (left to right or right to left). Finally, select the World Coordinate System tab and enter the Dimensions and Global Offset that you want to work with, if the user wants to translate the points on output back to some original GPS coordinate system.

Refining the Details

When all information is entered, select OK. The software creates a new model under the appropriate project. The model is opened by default and the drawing options are displayed. The user gets to choose what aids they would like in the Grid Tab (such as selecting Show Grid and then setting the Grid Spacing), what Format they would like the model displayed, in and the Layout. This gives the user a basic drawing template for a new model. If the user wants to draw a shape they would select Model/Geometry/Region Properties and select New Polygon. The user can either type in a polygon or can select OK and then select Draw/Region/Polygon from the top folder options. The user can draw any particular shape desired. The points of the curser and angle of line are displayed at any time. To finish drawing, the user can double click or right click, then select Terminate drawing. That object is then entered into the model.

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