Assigning Material Properties with SVOffice™ 2009

Presented by: Dr. Murray Fredlund, President of SoilVision Systems Ltd.


Hi, my name is Murray Fredlund. Welcome to the session Assigning Material Properties within the SVOffice 2009 Next Generation geotechnical software suite. The purpose of this session is to show the user how to apply supports in a slope stability model.

Getting Started

In the example provided the geometry is defined but material properties have not yet been created. Please note, there are four regions in the model. To get to the menu select Model > Materials > Manager or click on the toolbar which opens the Material Manager dialog.

The first step is to create four new materials in the Material Manager dialog. There are lots of different material models available, and our example chooses Mohr Coulomb. The color is automatically chosen and you can change the color if you like. Once you enter a few values for the material (Unit Weight, Cohesion, etc) you can then click OK. Repeat this step for three other materials, each time selecting New in the Material Properties dialog. If you end up with materials that have similar colors, just double-click on the material and select a new color.

Applying Materials

Once you have four materials defined you will need to apply the material. One material can be applied to multiple regions. There are several ways to apply materials to regions. You can select Model/Geometry and enter the Regions dialog. You can then select any material and match it to any region. Once that material is assigned to a region, that material color fills that region. It is then easy to see what material is associated with that region. A second way to apply materials to regions is to right click on any region and select Apply Material. When you return to the Region dialog (via the toolbar), you can continue to apply materials to regions.

If you return to your Materials Manager (Model > Materials > Manager) you will see now that each material is assigned to each region.

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