Feature Focus

Our finite element software has a number of features which reduce the occurence of convergence errors and increase model stability.

Some of these features include:

  • Automatic Mesh Refinement - Heap Leach Modeling, Tailings Pond Modeling, Dam Design and Analysis, Soil Cover Modeling, and more...
  • Automatic Timestep Refinement - Foundation Design, Tunnel Design, Anchor Design, Slab on Ground Modeling, and more...
  • The pre-conditioning of the convergence matrix - significantly improves convergence stability.

With typical software, the user will often spend hours generating a finite element mesh based on geometry only to fight convergence problems because the mesh is not reference based on critical problem variables. Such convergence problems cause numerical analyses to fail.

SoilVision Systems has taken the steps to save our users the difficulties of trying to make a model converge.

Many of our existing sales have resulted from clients who have come to us with models which will not converge using other software packages.

Our industry defining software will change the game for your firm