Feature Focus

February 20, 2009

A recent addition to SVOffice 2009 is the ability to calibrate seepage results to piezometer measurements in the field. This is of particular interest when modeling ground water over large regions.

This particular feature has been implemented in 2D and 3D and allows the user to enter in measured piezometer values at various 2D or 3D locations. Once the numerical model has been run the software then automatically generates statistics comparing the measured and the computed piezometer levels. This statistics comparison then allows the user to evaluate the numerical model and adjusts parameters to obtain an ideal calibration to measured field results.

This feature can be accessed in our Student, Standard, and Professional versions of SVOffice 2009 – SVFLUX under the Model > Material Properties > SWCC tab.

An example of the calibration screen can be seen in the screenshot on this page. The results can be seen here:

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