Feature Focus

July 14, 2009

Small design modifications in the design of levees have significant cost implications in terms of materials used for levee design. It is therefore critically important to easily analyze many different design scenarios to determine an optimal design. Often the user wants to plot the factor of safety vs. design. This can be accomplished now with SVSlope.

SoilVision Systems Ltd. has been working closely with a number of geotechnical consulting firms and determining what they would like in their slope stability analysis packages. One issue that was identified was that they wanted the ability to quickly analyze a number of different design scenarios. Each design scenario might change only slightly but may have large implications on the cost of the levee because of the length of the levee. Because of this it is possible for some consultants to generate 10-30 different design scenarios each of which have a slightly varying cost and a differing factor of safety. The ideal scenario in the software would allow the consultant to quickly analyze a number of different scenarios in light of the trade-off between design requirements while minimizing cost.

In order to accommodate this type of analysis the software was modified in a few different ways:

  • Drawing tools were enhanced in order to allow the user to graphically drag/edit/delete region node points
  • The existing Save As facility allows the user to quickly create groups of models based on slight variations from the same core geometry
  • Batch analysis was added to allow the user to run many different analysis in any particular sequence
  • A graph of factor of safety (FOS) was added to allow the user to plot FOS vs. model

An example of the filling analysis may be found in SVSlope_Group_3 > Mica1, Mica2, Mica3, Mica4. All are part of our distributed public models (available with the download of SVOffice 2009):

Mica 1

Mica 2

Mica 3

Mica 4

The end result of these software design scenarios is that the user can easily run batches of 10, 30, or 100 slope stability models in sequence and plot the graph of factor of safety vs. model. This enhancement allows for quick and easy analysis of groups of models with slightly differing geometry. This change also simplifies the engineer's use of the software and allows such analysis to be performed with the least amount of effort. This movie illustrates the batch run of a series of models which examine the effect of changing the slope of a proposed levee design.

Multiple Geometry Batch Run- A batch run of a series of models which examine the effect of changing the slope of a proposed levee design. (3.9 MB)

For more information on these features, feel free to contact us directly, or download our student version and try it out for yourself!

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