Feature Focus

April 15, 2011

It can be difficult to interpret three-dimensional model results without good visualization tools. To address this, SoilVision Systems Ltd. has implemented the ability to view SVSlope® 3D model results along two-dimensional cutting planes in any of the three standard directions (XY/plan view, XZ, or YZ). This is particularly useful within SVSlope®, as any projection of an XZ or YZ plane also plots all 3D columns on that plane onto the surface. The columns can be clicked on by the user and the relevant properties of that column are displayed on the screen, as shown here:

Figure 1: Full 3D visualization of the results of the Fredlund 1977 benchmark model

Figure 2: 2D projection of the XZ plane in a SVSlope 3D analysis

In a SVSlope® 3D analysis, the projection of a 2D plan view in AcuMesh generates the results along the base of the critical slip surface. Each column is plotted and the color of each column represents which material the column base intersects. The user can click on any particular column and display all relevant calculation data for that particular column, as shown here:

Figure 3: 2D plan projection of the base of the critical slip surface in a SVSlope 3D analysis

Display of Trial Slip Surfaces in SVSlope® 3D

In response to customer feedback, SoilVision Systems Ltd. has also added the ability to plot all trial slip surfaces in AcuMesh, instead of only the most critical slip surface. This plotting is only available from the XZ and YZ profile projections, as it would be difficult to provide distinct results when hundreds of trial slip surfaces are plotted. The display can be customized to filter the surfaces of interest, as well as to display the entire circle cut (since each trial slip surface is actually an ellipsoid) or just the part of the circle within the model itself.

Figure 4: Visualizations of all trial slip surfaces in a 2D projection of a SVSlope 3D analysis

If you would like more information on this feature, feel free to contact us directly or to download the student version of our software and try it out!

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