Feature Focus

July 4, 2011

Based on feedback from our beta testers, SoilVision Systems Ltd. has implemented an additional method of specifying a group of slip surfaces for a SVSlope® 3D analysis. The new method is an entry and exit search method, which is a 3D extension of the existing 2D entry and exit method already implemented in SVSlope® 2D.

The new method allows the user to define a plane which defines the center of the proposed slip surface. Next, by switching to a two-dimensional view of that vertical plane, the user can specify entry and exit points graphically on the screen in a manner very similar to the two-dimensional implementation. The end result is a methodology whereby entry and exit points for an elliptical slip surface can easily be specified in a 3D analysis.

The steps to use this feature are illustrated below. Begin by opening the Settings dialog found under Model > Settings and selecting the Entry and Exit search method:

Step 1: Specifying the Entry and Exit search method

Open the Entry and Exit dialog by selecting Draw > Entry and Exit from the menu. Click on the "2D View" button to select the coordinate of the centerline of the slip surface:

Step 2: Entering the entry and exit coordinates

Use the slider or the text box to select the desired coordinate of the centerline of the slip surface:

Step 3: Selecting the coordinate of the slip surface centerline

Return to the Entry and Exit dialog, then use each "Draw" button to draw the entry line and the exit line:

Step 4: Drawing the entry and exit lines

Once these steps are complete, analysis can begin!

If you would like more information on this feature, feel free to contact us directly or to download the student version of our software and try it out!

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